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Department of English & Language Arts

The Department of English and Language Arts invites you to join us in helping tomorrow's leaders, thinkers, writers and scholars get to where they want to be.

Whether it's in a seminar in Shakespeare or popular culture, a poetry-writing workshop, or a course in filmmaking, feminism, or the African American novel, as a student in the Department of English and Language Arts at Morgan State University, you'll find yourself in a stimulating environment with some of the most celebrated and dynamic professors in the thriving field of English and Language arts.

More than ever, employers want to hire graduates with a breadth of knowledge and the critical thinking skills needed for the fast-paced environment of the 21st century workplace. Our faculty prepare a variety of scholars for whatever sort of challenge they may face, whether it is in business, education, law, journalism or the vast array of careers in which English majors thrive.

The major in English requires a total of 54-60 credits, depending on the student's choice of concentration. The 33-credit CORE sequence includes courses in English, American, and African American literature, along with courses in literary criticism and the history of the English language. Students may form concentrations in Creative Writing, Language Arts, or Literature and Language. The department is also home to the  undergraduate major in Screenwriting and Animation (SWAN).

Students outside of the major will fulfill their English and Humanities core requirements with the department, and we encouage these students to explore our catalog for courses that may align with their personal, professional or academic interests.