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Library of Congress


Research Orientation at the Library of Congress, Washington D.C. 

The Library of Congress Media Room

The Department of English and Language Arts sponsored a trip to the Library of Congress (LOC) to explore research opportunities and participate in instruction on research and bibliographic discovery. Moreover, students were designated as researchers and received 2-year LOC reader’s cards. The research topic was lynching in support of the 6th Annual Quarles Conference hosted by the College of Liberal Arts.  The Special Collections staff prepared exhibits of holdings on Geography and Maps, Newspaper and Periodicals, Prints and Photographs, and Music that reflected the research theme of lynching in the U.S.

Students at the Capitol

Morgan State University Student Researchers at the Library of Congress


Students in the Reading Room

Dr Sybil Moses

JP Morgan SYI Grant Sponsored Experiential Learning of African American History

Morgan State University students, supported by the JP Morgan SYI grant, embarked on a field trip to three former plantations – Hampton, Homewood, and Mount Clare – which once held enslaved workers. This excursion fostered experiential learning and allowed students to witness the living conditions and experiences of enslaved individuals, directly relating to their studies of works like Beloved by Toni Morrison, The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, and other related themes (Dr. Denise M. Jarrett, October 21, 2023).

                     Hampton Site                          


Students at Hampton

Hampton Mansion

Hampton Grounds

Hampton Barn

Hampton Barn

Inside Hampton Barn

Hampton Site

Hampton Indoors

Mt Clare


Students at Homewood

Student reads history

Language of Slavery