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Center for Equitable Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Systems

Core Labs

CoNA Lab - Cognitive & Neurodiversity AI Lab - Gabriella Waters, Director Email -

Multidisciplinary research in AI, cognitive science, and neurodiversity to further understanding of human cognition, neurobiology, and integration of intelligent systems.

DEPA Lab - Data Engineering & Predictive Analytics - Kofi Nyarko, PhD, Director Email -

Uniting innovative machine learning algorithms and real-time analytics, always pushing  the boundaries of technology to uncover valuable insights and drive advancements across diverse industries.

HAX Lab - Human AI eXperience Lab - Naja Mack, PhD, Director Email:

The HAX Lab, under the direction of Dr. Naja A. Mack, is dedicated to exploring the evolving relationship between humans and Artificial Intelligence. With a primary focus on the impact of AI on humans, the lab seeks to design, build, and evaluate intelligent systems that are both multimodal and interactive. The lab's ultimate goal is to ensure that such systems are not only usable and acceptable but also respectful of human values.