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Center for Equitable Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Systems

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why was CEAMLS created?

CEAMLS was created based on an identified need for the mitigation of algorithmic bias.

Algorithmic bias refers to systematic and repeatable errors that can create unfair/inaccurate outcomes. Morgan’s President, Dr. David K. Wilson, charged a Blue-Ribbon panel with identifying areas that MSU could address resulting in artificial intelligence and machine learning as one of five key areas.

The Center advances Morgan’s mission to become a R1 research facility.

How was CEAMLS established? The State of Maryland provides $3.1 million in funding each year in perpetuity.
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How will CEAMLS function?

CEAMLS receives guidance from its Advisory Board, which will inform the strategic initiatives of the Center. The Advisory Board will consist of representatives from partnering HBCUs, industrial and federal partners, and key members of MSU’s Blue-Ribbon Panel on Research and Program Expansion.

The day-to-day functions of CEAMLS will be undertaken by its staff: Director, Technical Director, Faculty, PR & Education Director, and Research Assistants (graduate and undergraduate levels).

CEAMLS is an interdisciplinary effort, inviting researchers, faculty, industry professionals, and students from many backgrounds to advance research in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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Why is CEAMLS necessary?

Algorithmic bias has many impacts on society from who gets approved for a loan, receives a harsher prison sentence, who’s hired, and who receives better health outcomes.

As AI is adopted into more systems the negative outcomes from bias will be amplified and continue to disproportionally affect certain groups.