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Center for Equitable Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Systems

About Us

Mission Statement

The mission of the National Center for Equitable Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Systems (CEAMLS) is to facilitate the development, deployment and verification of socially responsible and equitable artificial intelligence systems and to ensure the public is well informed of how evolving technologies in this space affect their health, prosperity and happiness.


  1. Conduct theoretical and applied socially responsible AI research aimed at solving complex real world problems while creating trustworthy intelligent systems
  2. Address algorithmic bias in AI research and educate the public on the possible disproportional impact to health, prosperity, and society
  3. Increase the diversity of thought in the field of AI by attracting significantly more underrepresented computer scientists and engineers
  4. Collaborate with educational, nonprofit, government, and industrial organizations to study, document, and mitigate the effects of algorithmic bias