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Applied Liberal Studies

Returning Students

During your education sometimes there is the need to take a pause. Life happens! Children are born, you have to care for elderly relatives, or you have to provide for your family. Whatever the reason you needed to pause your education, the Applied Liberal Studies program wants to help you get back on track!

Whether you have been away from college for two semesters or twenty years, we will help you earn your degree.

The ALS program was designed for adult learners. It allows you the flexibility to take courses that further your knowledge and skills in an area of your choosing. Many of the returning students who have been working within a profession for years take courses that are aligned with their profession. Taking courses that align with a specific profession enables students to broaden their knowledge, skills, and competencies which will make them a more significant asset in their field of work.

Many returning students can earn up to 18 credits for their professional work experience. In the ALS program, we know that learning doesn't just happen in the walls of a classroom. Because of this your professional work experience can help fulfill the 18 credit hour requirement of internships/external experiences.

The Applied Liberal Studies evaluates each professional work experience individually to ensure that the experience is not only valuable but also educational. For more information, check out the Internship/External Experience Policies & Procedures.

Sound good so far? Let's find out if the ALS program is a good fit for you to finish your degree. Use the Contact Us feature to schedule a meeting to chat with an advisor for the ALS program.

Key Next Steps for Returning Students