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Applied Liberal Studies

Transfer Students

Transfer students come to Morgan State with valuable credits and learning that they have gained from their previous institution. The Applied Liberal Studies was designed for transfer students to earn their degree at Morgan State in an efficient manner.

The flexible structure of the Applied Liberal Studies program allows transfer students to bring in up to 90 credits and apply them toward their degree in Applied Liberal Studies. With a major that fits each student's needs, students can choose (along with their advisor) which transfer credits they want to apply to their major program of study.

The ability to have so many transfer credits applied to your degree means that students can complete their bachelor's degree at an accelerated pace.

Whether you have 15 transfer credits or 90, we want to help you finish your undergraduate education here at Morgan State. This program was made to give transfer students choice, flexibility, and ultimately, control over their own education.

The first step in finding out if the Applied Liberal Studies program is a good fit for you is to set up an appointment with an ALS advisor. Use the Contact Us form to send an email to an ALS advisor today. 

Applying to Morgan State as a Transfer student is an easy process! Be sure to send in your transfer application early.