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Applied Liberal Studies


What is Applied Liberal Studies?

At its heart the Applied Liberal Studies program is an interdisciplinary degree. So, what does that mean? For us, it means that students can craft their own major to fit their specific intellectual and personal needs.

Students in the Applied Liberal Studies program will receive a fantastic liberal education through the General Education curriculum. A liberal education is one that exposes students to different ways of thinking, different topics, and novel ideas. This occurs through studying math, science, social sciences and much more. Employers have been saying for years that students need a strong liberal education to tackle the challenges of the 21st century. A liberal education helps develop critical thinking, communication, and complex problem solving skills.

On top of this strong General Education program, stands the Applied Liberal Studies major. Students, in consultation with their advisor, e their own program of study. The student has the freedom to create their own plan of study that brings together multiple ideas and disciplines. Bringing together a wide range of ideas centered on a common topic or problem allows the student to gain multiple perspectives.

The Applied Liberal Studies requires to go one step further and take part in an in-depth internship or professional work experience. This experience allows the student to take the content, knowledge, and skills they have learned throughout their studies and put them to work in the real world.

Mission & Goals

The mission of the Applied Liberal Studies program is to:

  • Graduate students who are well grounded in liberal arts skills -- critical thinking, analysis and synthesis, oral and written communication, and a broad application-based knowledge of mathematics, science, human behavior, social sciences, and the humanities.
  • Graduate students who are not only grounded in theory but are action-oriented and equipped to develop and implement solutions to complex problems.

The goals of the Bachelor of Science Degree Program in Applied Liberal Studies are to:

  • Enable students to establish a firm foundation in liberal or general education suitable for the workplace
  • Provide students with opportunities for substantial specialization in their unique areas of interest
  • Afford students the opportunity to design a flexible program of study suited to their employment, career plans and personal goals
  • Prepare students for multiple career opportunities and give them versatility in the job market through interdisciplinary instruction
  • Enable students to prepare for more focused and advanced study for a variety of fields
  • Afford greater access to the bachelor's degree for traditional and nontraditional students