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Applied Liberal Studies

The Bachelor of Science in Applied Liberal Studies is the fastest growing degree program at Morgan State University. Applied Liberal Studies gives students the flexibility to create a multidisciplinary program of study. Students align their program of study with their personal, professional, and academic goals.

The Applied Liberal Studies program is an attractive program for students returning to school and who want to have flexibility and control over their own education. The structure of this program also benefits transfer students and students who have changed their major multiple times. No matter where you are on your educational journey, we want to work with you!
All Applied Liberal Studies students complete an in-depth internship/community service/professional experience.

Through this "real world" experience, students apply what they have learned in their Morgan coursework. In this external experience, students practice and hone their critical thinking, communication, and discipline-specific skills.

Being able to apply their learning in a new setting gives the student the opportunity to gain valuable real-world experience before graduation. Students connect their external experience and within-the-classroom experience through advisement and a senior capstone course. This connection, making or integrative learning, helps students develop 21st-century thinking skills that they will need to be successful in an ever-changing job market.

If you want to find out if the ALS program is a good fit for your goals, use the Contact Us feature to schedule a meeting to chat with an advisor for the ALS program.