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School of Social Work

PhD Faculty, Students, and Alumni


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Dr. Jerome Schiele is the recipient of book contracts to revise two of his earlier books. They are 1) Human Services and the Afrocentric Paradigm (2nd. Ed., Routledge Press) and 2) Social Welfare Policy: Regulation and Resistance Among People of Color (2nd. Ed., Cognella Press). Human Services and the Afrocentric Paradigm examines how Afrocentric Theory can be applied to various aspects of social work practice, research, and social welfare policy analysis. Social Welfare Policy: Regulation and Resistance Among People of Color provides a racism-centered analysis to examine how social welfare policies have regulated the lives of people of color and how people of color have organized to resist these racist policies.

Dr. Wells-Wilbon, co-editor of "Trauma and Mental Health Social Work With Urban Populations: African-Centered Clinical Interventions," to be published
by Routledge.

*Ph.D. Alumnus
*Ph.D. Candidates