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We are PROUD to recognize three of our very own, who were honored by the National Association of Social Workers (NASW)-MD two years in a row, respectively, as Social Work Educator of the Year: Dr. Denise Davison, MSW Faculty, 2018, and Dr. Dawn Thurman, BSW Faculty2019. The honoree of the 2019 Social Worker of the Year is one of our alum, Eric Jackson, MSW, founder of Black Yield Institute. Please join us in celebrating our #urbanstrong achievements!

2018 Social Work Educator of the Year Denise Davison, Ph.D., MSW
The 2018 Educator of the Year was presented to Denise McLane-Davison, Ph.D., MSW, in recognition of her dedication to preparing social workers committed to the alleviation of human suffering, social justice, and the improvement of quality of life for work with diverse urban populations. An Assistant Professor at Morgan State University's School of Social Work, Dr. McLane-Davison demonstrates her deep commitment to educating, through example, as an advocate, mentor, and researcher. According to one of her students, "Under her guidance and advisement, my academic and professional pursuits have blossomed. Dr. Davison's multifaceted experiences added to my success.

2019 Social Work Educator of the Year Dawn Thurman, Ph.D., MSW
In recognition of her commitment to educating and preparing social workers joining the profession, we honor Dr. Dawn Thurman as the Social Work Educator of the Year. Dawn received her MSW and Doctorate in Social Work from Howard University and has spent her career in the Washington, D.C., and Mary- land area. She has worked in schools, for non-pro ts, hospitals, and as a therapist before returning to academia. She has presented her work at many conferences and has been featured often at the D.C. Public Schools Monthly Case Conference. Much of her research focuses on African-American youth and families, including looking at schools and academic performance as well as mental health. Her courses include foundational classes and skills as well as specific topics such as Data Analysis, Black Human Behavior and the Social Environment, and Case Management. As a professor, she taught at Howard University, Catholic University, University of the District of Columbia, and currently Morgan State University. In each of these schools, she has been recognized for her teaching and service to the university. There are so many students and professionals in our region who have had the privilege of learning from her and have become better social workers for it. Join us in congratulating Dr. Dawn Thurman!

2019 Social Worker of the Year, Eric Jackson, MSW
This year we are honored to recognize the dedication and accomplishments of Eric Jackson as the Social Worker of the Year. Even during his time as a social work student at Morgan State University and then the University of Maryland, Eric was recognized by his classmates, community, and colleagues for his work. Since that time, he has worked tirelessly to create spaces and organizations that build power for those who have been and continue to be oppressed. This work includes his leadership in founding the Black Yield Institute, which works for Black Land and Food Sovereignty in Baltimore. His research and action around food apartheid in Baltimore has led him to be honored across the field, featured as a presenter at conferences and events, and published both academically and in news media. A part of this work is his production of the film, Baltimore's Strange Fruit, which outlines food apartheid.

Beyond his exemplary work for social justice, Eric contributes to the education of emerging social workers as an adjunct professor and clinical instructor at the University of Maryland. Students have honored him as the Teacher of the Year and by staff as a SWCOS Hero at the 25th Anniversary of the program. Wherever he goes, he brings a passion of energy that inspires and challenges each of us to be better social workers. Join us in congratulating Eric Jackson!

For the complete article and acknowledged achievements, please view the NASW 2019 Spring Newsletter and NASW 2018 Spring Newsletter.