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School of Social Work

BSW Faculty


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Funded Research

Drs. Archibald & Daniels:
Co- Principal Investigators: Governor's Office of Crime Control & Prevention -Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice and Baltimore Police Department's Consent Decree Implementation Unit Mini-Grant ($50,000). The primary aim is to implement the police and community engagement (PACE) project by facilitating focus groups and community conferencing for both the community and the Baltimore City Police Department (BCPD).

Dr. Thurman, Dr. Pittman and Professor Greene were
Awarded an ASCEND Grant ($50,000) which looks at the connection between Depression and Cyberbullying for undergraduates at an HBCU.

Drs. Archibald & Daniels
Awarded an ASCEND Grant ($50,000) which explores Faculty/Staff Stress at an HBCU

Dr. Archibald and the BSW Department Faculty
Awarded a Lumina Grant ($10,000) to create a Peer Advising Model to be utilized by BSW Department students and enhance the advising experience.


Dr. Dawn Thurman presented "Overcoming Marginalization through Faith. Family, and Friendship" at the National Association of Christian Social Work Conference in Connecticut -10/18.

Dr. Minli Liao poster presentation "Caregivers of Persons Living with HIV/AIDS" at the annual Council on Social Work Education Conference- 11/18.


Dr. Dawn Thurman was honored by the National Association of Social Workers-MD, as the 2019 Social Work Educator of the Year

Dr. Paul Archibald was honored as the 2018 Minority Access National Role Model at the Nineteenth National Role Models Conference- 9/18

Dr. Paul Archibald was honored with the establishment of the Paul Archibald PhD Research Productivity Award. The Archibald Award was created by the Obesity Health Disparities Programs to Increase Diversity among Individuals Engaged in Health Related Research (OHR PRIDE) and honors his productivity in manuscript writing and grant writing along with his effort to incorporate obesity health disparities in his work. The Archibald Award will be given annually to recognize outstanding research productivity and progress towards establishing research independence.

Dr. Paul Archibald- received the Intellectual Property Innovation Award through the MSU Office of Technology and the Division of Research & Economic Development for his invention of an APP (Real TAPS) that has the capacity to analyze police officers' stress level.