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School of Computer, Mathematical & Natural Sciences


Forms Available through the Office of the Registrar

Visit the Office of the Registrar to access the following online forms:

  • Change of Academic Catalog Petition
  • Change of Major/Minor Form
  • Duplicate Diploma Request Form
  • Enrollment/Degree Verification Request Form
  • Exception to Enrollment Policy Appeal Request
  • Excess Credit Request Form
  • Official Transcript Request
  • Personal Information Update Request Form
  • Re-Admission Application
  • Residency Reclassification Petition
  • Senior Citizen Tuition Waiver
  • Time Conflict Request Form
  • University Withdrawal Request Form

Request to Take a Course Off-Campus for Credit

Students must receive permission from their advisor, chairperson and dean prior to taking courses at other colleges or universities. Failure to do so will result in non-acceptance of the course. Those admitted to Morgan as degree-seeking students must earn the last 30 credit hours toward their desired degree at Morgan State University. Students within their last 30 credits hours must complete this form to request a Waiver of the 30 Hour Rule in order to pursue courses off-campus. To earn credit for a course in which a student has received a failing grade (D or F), the course must be repeated at Morgan. In extraordinary circumstances, exceptions may be approved by the Dean. Of particular note for students who may wish to take a course off-campus, is the Baltimore Student Exchange Program involving fifteen local institutions. Visit or contact the Office of Records and Registration for more details.

Petition for Incomplete Grade

Complete and submit this form to request an incomplete grade in an SCMNS course. Incomplete Grade Policy: “Incomplete” (“I”) is given in exceptional cases to students who have satisfactorily completed at least seventy-five percent (75%) of the course requirements, and, due to documented illness or other documented emergencies beyond their control, have been unable to complete the requirements for the course. Students must complete the remaining twenty-five percent of the coursework by the end of the next semester of their enrollment at the University. Otherwise, the “I” grade is changed to “F.”

Request an Override for an SCMNS Course

Override requests must be submitted to the academic department of the course. Overrides are not guaranteed, and the department chairperson's decision is final.* Please visit the department's website for more information:

*Time-conflict override requests (for courses with overlapping schedules) require the approval of both instructors and chairpersons for the courses. More information is available on the Registrar's Website. Please note: the Department of Physics & Engineering Physics does not accept time-conflict override requests.

SCMNS Graduate Student Progress Report Form

All SCMNS graduate students are required to submit a review of their progress every semester. This form is intended to evaluate a student's progress towards program completion.

SCMNS Selection of Graduate Thesis/Dissertation Research Advisor Form

This form is to be used to request approval of the student's graduate thesis/dissertation research advisor. It should be completed during the second semester of the first year of graduate study for Master's degree students, and before the end of the first year for Ph.D. students.

SCMNS Master's Thesis Committee Approval Form

This form is to be used to request the selection of members of the thesis committee for SCMNS master's students. This form should be submitted in the summer of the first year of study. The committee must be approved by the program coordinator/director, department chairperson and the associate dean for graduate studies.

SCMNS Dissertation Committee Approval Form

This form is to be used to request the selection of members of the dissertation committee for SCMNS PhD students. This form should be submitted in the summer of the first year of study. The committee must be approved by the program director, the associate dean for graduate studies and the dean of SCMNS.

SCMNS Request to Schedule Defense Form

This form is to be used to request to schedule the final defense of the thesis or dissertation and must be submitted no less than ten (10) days BEFORE the Defense Date. The thesis or dissertation MUST be in its final form and ALL Committee members must sign in endorsing the defense. The Defense MUST be scheduled within thirty (30) days of the SCMNS thesis submission deadline.

SCMNS Documentation of the Results of Thesis/Dissertation Defense Form

This form is to be used to certify the results of a graduate student's thesis or dissertation defense. It must be included in the submission of the thesis or dissertation to the School of Graduate Studies.

SCMNS Summer Graduate Research Assistantship Application

The goal of Summer Financial Support is to offer opportunities for SCMNS PhD students to conduct research related to their dissertation projects. Under this support, students are required to work with their research mentor on dissertation related research activities during the summer. Applications are due by April 15th.