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Peer B.E.A.R.S. (Bringing Enrichment and Rearing Success) Program highlights the talent and passion of more experienced SCMNS students to mentor our first-year freshmen through their first two semesters of college, and to increase student engagement and persistence through graduation. Students first arriving on campus are exposed to a new environment, rigorous coursework and unregulated freedom as they transition adolescence to adulthood. This new experience can be difficult if freshmen hold on to the same mindset they had in high school. The goal of our premier peer-mentoring program is to improve students' study habits, science and math competency, and professional development through engagement in academic, professional and social activities.

On behalf of the Dean, Dr. Hongtao Yu, the Associate Dean, Dr. Gaston N'Guerekata, Director of Student Success and Recruitment, Mr. Claton Lewis, and Coordinator Walter Kennedy we want to welcome our Class of 2024. Get ready for a great experience! BE THE STANDARD!

We are One Family-Growing Scientists!

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