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School of Community Health and Policy

SCHP Undergraduate Advisement and Registration

SCHP Pathway to Graduation Guide

SCHP Advisement

The School of Community Health and Policy (SCHP) supports a student-centered advising model focused on student development, accountability, and effective student to advisor partnerships built upon mutual respect. Advisement is a critical component of student success as it helps students stay on track towards graduation, fosters professional communications with advisors, and provides access to essential information on study skills and student support services.

We have provided several helpful links throughout the page to include University and SCHP related information. We strongly encourage you to review the whole page to access the many resources.

How It Works

Advisors are assigned based on degree program and classification. Advisors are expected to meet with students prior to each registration period and upon student request. The foundations of advisement are the course requirements and curriculum sequence as listed in the University catalog.

Incoming freshmen SCHP majors are advised by the Office of Student Success & Retention or the Center for Academic Success and Achievement their first year.  Once a student earns 24 credits and a GPA of 2.0 or higher, students are assigned a SCHP faculty or staff advisor in their sophomore year. To find the name of your advisor, access Starfish or Degree Works in Student Self-Service.

Important Considerations for Advisement

  • Schedule a time to meet with your advisor at least two weeks before priority registration for two reasons:
    • advisement appointments fill quickly.
    • to ensure that you are on track to graduate within the timeframe of your Pathway to Graduation.
  • Register at the earliest opportunity to secure the required classes that you need to stay on track.
  • Come to your advisement appointment prepared - this includes questions, your Degree Works audit, and knowledge of your degree requirements.
  • Notify your advisor if there are needed changes/modifications from your Pathway to Graduation as changes can impact academic progression.
  • Engage your advisor in a professional and respectful manner with clear communication (written and oral); your advisor will do the same.

The School of Community Health and Policy cannot remove financial, judicial, housing or other non-advisement registration holds. Students must contact the appropriate office responsible for placing the hold. The registration hold and the corresponding office that placed the hold are referenced in your Student Self-Service account. Note: students can be advised with a financial hold. 

Transfer Students

Morgan State University and the School of Community Health and Policy (SCHP) welcome students who would like to transfer from a regionally accredited community college or four-year college or university.  For more information on SCHP and University policies for transfer students, please access our “Transfer Credit Evaluation” page.

SCHP Pathway to Graduation Guide

New for Summer/Fall 2023 Advisement and Registration - SCHP has created a guide to help students complete their Pathway to Graduation.

Your signature acknowledges both the content of your advisement sheet and the Guide. Your advisor will release your PIN upon receipt.  Click to access the SCHP Pathway to Graduation Guide.

Helpful Links

To make processes easier, many student-centered online forms and instructions have been created by both the University and SCHP. See some of those key forms/process instructions listed below.

University Links

Change of Catalog Form and Instructions to change the academic catalog you matriculated under.

Change of Major Form and Instructions to change or update major, minor, or concentration. Please note this form must route to multiple people for review and signature.

Excess Credits Request Form and Instructions to take more than the maximum allowable credits in a semester. Please note this form must route to multiple people for review and signature.

Graduation for application deadlines and how to access a graduation application.

How to Remove a Course to drop or withdraw from a class.

Independent Academic Work to learn how to register and earn credit for an undergraduate course by undertaking one-on-one meetings with an instructor rather than enrolling in a regularly scheduled section of the course.

Personal Information Update Request Form and Instructions to update legal name, date of birth, permanent address, and/or social security number.

Time Conflict Request Form and Instructions to request permission to register for a course that the scheduled time conflicts with another course the student is already registered for.  Please note this form must route to multiple people for review and signature.

University Catalog for general regulations and academic requirements. The Catalog is updated every two years.

Withdrawal Request Form and Instructions to cancel or withdraw from a semester or from the university entirely. Please note this form has to route to multiple offices for review and signature.

Curriculum Links

The University catalog contains academic policy information and the degree requirements for all SCHP programs. Click the links below to review University academic policies and the SCHP curriculum sequences. Students follow the catalog active upon matriculation into the University. The curriculum sequences below are based on the 2022 - 2024 catalog.  On the top right side of the 2022 - 2024 catalog, click the box to access archived catalogs. 

Academic Affairs

Health Education


Nutritional Sciences

SCHP Links

Grade and Other Grievance Appeals for the process and the template to submit an academic appeal.

Permission to Take Course Off-Campus Undergraduate Course Form

SCHP Student Request for Course Override. Applicable only to courses offered by SCHP courses. Students must contact the instructor or department for non-SCHP course overrides. 

Campus Resources

A number of resources have been designed with student needs and interests in mind. Please view the various resource links provided for your convenience.


Accessibility, Counseling & Wellness Services


Student and Career Development Services