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Construction Management


Marvin Bennett, Sr., PE., RS

Professor of Practice, Construction Management

Office: CBEIS 336
Phone: 443-885-3675

Curriculum Vitae


B.S., Morgan State University
M.S., Lehigh University
Professional Engineer (PE)
Reserve Specialist (RS)

Years at Morgan: 7 Years


A strong work ethic, a passion for collaborating within a team framework, and diligent preparation—as Professor Marvin Bennett embarked on his career in engineering over 25 years ago, these qualities served him well. They are also the key components of the classes that he has taught for years in Morgan State University’s Construction Management program. Since 2016, as an adjunct professor, lecturing professor, and most recently as a Professor of Practice, Professor Bennett has been a respected department mainstay. For many students, as they progress through their college experience, it’s common to enroll in several classes that he teaches. An accomplished former student-athlete at Morgan State who has trained and mentored numerous athletes as well, Professor Bennett sees himself as a coach to his students. He relishes imparting relevant counsel steeped in real-life issues that arise, sometimes from events that he is actively engaged with in his civil engineering business. Professor Bennett immerses students in real-life project scenarios, bringing them to job sites and helping place them into internships that provide invaluable experience.

A steady cross-section of guest speakers, from various facets of the construction industry, augments his instruction. One former student traces the root of his confidence in working with subcontractors to having learned from a guest speaker brought in by Professor Bennett. 

“My goal is to prepare and equip every student so that, on Day One of their post-collegiate journey, they are significant contributors,” says Professor Bennett. “Through internships, co-ops, and engaging experiences in my classroom, it’s my job to help them emerge as assets in the marketplace.”

Professor Bennett grew up on St. Kitts-Nevis, an island country in the West Indies where he and his four siblings were raised in a small one-room house. His community’s lack of infrastructure would eventually fuel his passion to become an engineer. As a track and field scholarship athlete, Professor Bennett also received an academic scholarships that helped him attain a Bachelor of Science degree in civil engineering. He also earned a Master’s degree in civil engineering from Lehigh University. His career as an engineer has spanned over 25 years and since 2005, Professor Bennett has been principal of Metro Engineering Services. The full-service engineering firm provides a wide range of customized professional and engineering services focused on community associations, residential developers, and commercial property managers. Professor Bennett and his wife have three children, two young adults and one in high school who have continued their parents’ student-athlete tradition.

Among the descriptions of Mr. Bennett’s instructional style, as shared by former students who have gone on to thriving careers in the construction field:

“Professor Bennett emphasizes teamwork in his classes. That is so important because in the field, we are always working in teams. … By influencing me to take a better approach to deadlines and assignments, it made me ready for just about anything in my career.” ~ Ranya Daniel

“Marvin Bennett was one of my favorite professors at Morgan State University, and since then he has become a mentor and trusted colleague. He does a great job of preparing individuals for the work world. As an instructor, he gives the real-life `why’ and `how’ of construction management, helping students go beyond the `what’ contained in textbooks.” ~ Trevor Fidler

“He empowers students, especially when he sees they are putting forth effort. I would also describe him as `open.’ He always loved and respected questions from students. To this day, if there is a conundrum I have to deal with in my work, Mr. Bennett is high on the list of people I would contact for advice.” ~ Everette Jackson

List of Professional Affiliation(s):

  • American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)
  • American Concrete Institute (ACI)
  • Community Association Institute (CAI)
  • National Association Home Builders (NAHB)

List of Classes Taught:

  • CMGT 101 - Introduction to Construction Management
  • CMGT 201 - Construction Materials I
  • CMGT 203 - Construction Drawing & Specifications
  • CMGT 204 - Construction Law & Contracts 
  • CMGT 302 - Structural Systems
  • CMGT 311 - Construction Safety Management
  • CMGT 401 - Sustainable Construction Practices