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Graduate Program In Architecture

Frederick Scharmen

Frederick Scharmen, LEED AP

Program Director & Associate Professor, Graduate Program In Architecture

Office: CBEIS 223
Phone: 443-885-1867

Curriculum Vitae


B.S., University of Maryland-College Park
M.Arch, Yale University

Professional Affiliation(s):
Co-Founder, The Working Group on Adaptive Systems
Associate Member, AIA Baltimore
Board Member, Baltimore Heritage
Editorial Advisory Board Member, The Architect's Newspaper
Co-Founder, The Baltimore Modernism Project

Research Interest(s):
Modernism, Space Science, Science Fiction

Teaching Interest(s):
Design Studio, Urban Design, Environmental Controls, Drawing

Selected Publication(s):
"Highest and Best Use; Subjectivity and Climates Off and After Earth," The Journal of Architectural Education 71:2, Environments, 2017
"Home Tweet Home" in Log 36: ROBOLOG, 2016
"What is a Big Dumb Object?" The Journal of Architectural Education 69:2, S,M,L,XL, 2015
"Ground into Sky - The Topology of Interstellar" in The Avery Review No. 6, 2015

Grants and/or Awards:
President's Award for Architectural Journalism, AIA Baltimore, 2016
Jason M. Pettigrew Memorial Scholarship, AIA National, 2016
Associate Member Scholarship, AIA Baltimore, 2016
Sondheim Prize Semifinalist, 2014
City Paper Top Ten Art Shows, National Park, 2012
President's Award for Civic Engagement, AIA Baltimore, 2011