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Master's in Architecture

How to Apply

Interested in applying to the Master of Architecture Program program? Click here to review the steps to apply through the School of Graduate Studies.  All candidates must apply using the School of Graduate Studies' online application.

Application deadlines for Fall 2024:

April 1 (international)

July 1 (US citizen/permanent resident)

Application deadlines for Spring 2024:

November 1 (international)

December 1 (US citizen/permanent resident)

For additional information about the application process, feel free first to write to us at the Graduate Program in Architecture:

You can also contact the School of Graduate Studies directly:

Morgan State University
310 McKeldin Center
1700 E. Cold Spring Lane
Baltimore, MD 21251

Phone: 443-885-3185
Fax: 443-885-8226

Additional Requirements Unique to the Architecture Program

  1. The Graduate Program in Architecture does not require submission of GRE scores.
  2. The on-line application will require that you send transcripts of all university- or graduate-level institutions previously attended. (This does NOT include high-schools or pre-college courses.) All transcripts must be sent directly to the School of Graduate Studies at the address shown above. Students who attended foreign universities must have a transcript report prepared; for additional information, see the information on THIS page.
  3. College graduates without prior study in architecture are welcome to apply to the 90 credit track. Likewise, College graduates from pre-architecture programs, including the BSAED program at Morgan State University, are also welcome and should indicate their interest in the 60 credit track.
  4. Portfolios are required for all applications. The portfolio is one component used to place students in either the 90 or the 60 credit path of study. The portfolio will be one component of each applicant's evaluation for admittance to the program.

For students without previous coursework in architecture, the portfolio should include freehand sketches and examples of creative visual thinking. If one does not already have materials for a portfolio, a student can submit freehand sketches of doorways, windows, architectural details, and simple still-life drawings. Sketches should be at least one half of the portfolio. One can also include one's own photography, woodworking projects, sculpture, or other examples of creative visual thinking, for not more than one half of the portfolio.

For students with previous coursework in architecture, the portfolio should include only work of the applicant. Work from architectural offices, and work done under the supervision of an architect or other employer is not allowed in the portfolio. Graphics should include a balance of hand drawings and drawings created digitally.

Questions? Write to 

Estimating the Cost of Your Master of Architecture Program