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Office of Undergraduate Admission & Recruitment


Congratulations on your acceptance to Morgan State University! We believe that you will be an excellent addition to the Morgan family and we are excited to welcome you to campus.

Follow this checklist to complete the enrollment process: 

Step One: Change your initial password and access your student account

Your University email address and student ID number can be found in your acceptance letter. The username is the first part of your email. Do not include 

Step Two: Confirm your acceptance

Confirm your intent to enroll.  

Step Three: Complete the on-campus housing application

Step Four: Complete and submit required health forms

Please return completed health forms to the University Health Center. 

Step Five: Follow the prompts from the Office of Transfer Student Programming to Complete Transfer Student Orientation

Transfer orientation is required for all incoming transfer students. Transfer orientation is free but you must register to attend. Send inquiries to if you have questions or require assistance. 

Step Six: Check your financial aid award/status

Transfer Student FAQ

Note: In accordance with The ADA and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the University is required to provide equal access and equal opportunities for individuals with documented disabilities. If you require these services, please visit the Office of Student Disability Support Services.