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Office of the Registrar


  • Change Of Catalog Petition
    • To change the academic catalog you matriculated under, please complete a Change of Catalog Petition Form. According to the Academic Catalog, students matriculating as degree students at Morgan State University are allowed seven consecutive years to complete requirements for the degree in order to be graduated under the catalog in effect when they entered the University. If students have not met the requirements for graduation within that time frame, they will be denied eligibility for graduation under the catalog in use when they entered the University.
  • Change/Declaration of Major/Minor/Concentration
  • Enrollment & Degree Verification
    • To request a letter or form to be completed from the University to verify enrollment, please complete an Enrollment Verification Form.
    • Completed degrees can be verified by requesting a copy of your official transcript or by completing the Degree Verify process via the National Student Clearinghouse. If you require additional information that is not available on your transcript or from the National Student Clearinghouse, please use the Enrollment Verification Form.
    • All Third-Party Enrollment Verifications should be emailed to or faxed to 443-885-8279. All third-party requests must include an Authorization of Release.
    • FERPA is the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act which protects the privacy of student records. FERPA provides students with certain rights with respect to their educational records if they are 18 and older. 
  • Grade Changes, Disputes, & Updates
    • Grade Change: A formal Grade Change Process must take place for grades from a previous semester. For auditing purposes, the grade change must route from the instructor, to the Chairperson, to the Dean, then to the Office of the Registrar. (*If older than 6 months, it must also route to the VP of Academic Affairs). Each party must approve the grade change before you will see the change reflected in your Websis. Please note, we have no control over when other parties review and approve/deny grade changes. For our office, (The Office of the Registrar) the typical turnaround time is 3-5 business days. If you would like to know the status of your grade change, log into "Service Requests".
    • Grade Dispute: Please see the university's policy in the Academic Catalog.
    • Updates: Semester grades are due for a course(s) by the date set on the Academic Calendar. Once submitted by the instructor, grades are only viewable in Websis under the View Grades menu, the unofficial transcript, or in Degreeworks. GPA recalculations, Dean's List, repeat course inclusion/exclusion, and degree awarded will not update until the end of term processing has been completed (typically one week after grade submission deadline). If you have an inquiry regarding updates after the semester has ended, please email
  • Personal Information Update 
    • To update your name, date of birth, permanent address, and/or social security number in Morgan State University's system, please complete a Personal Information Update Form. To update your phone number, mailing/billing address, preferred name, and emergency contact, please log in to Student Self-Service (Websis).
  • Readmission
    • To request readmission to the university as an undergraduate student. A readmission application should only be completed by students who took courses at Morgan more than one year ago.
    • For students who last attended in a year or less, please email to have your account reactivated.
  • Senior Citizen Tuition Waiver
    •  A resident of the State of Maryland who is 60 years of age or older, who is retired and whose chief income is derived from retirement benefits and not employed full-time may be admitted to any scheduled course with the tuition waived if the regular scheduled course is available. The waiver of tuition is available for a maximum of 3 courses per term. Waiver cannot be applied retroactively or to winter terms.  To request a waiver of tuition for a semester as a retired senior citizen, please complete a Senior Citizen Tuition Waiver Form. 
  • Transcripts
    • Unofficial Transcripts are only accessible for active students in Websis.
    • Official transcripts can be ordered through Parchment.
  • Withdrawal 
    • A student may withdraw from a specific semester/term based on the last day to withdraw from the semester/term published in the Academic Calendar. A student may withdraw from the University at any time. Entire semester withdrawals after the add/drop deadline for the semester/term will appear on the unofficial and official transcript with a grade of "TW" and does count as attempted credit. A grade of "TW" will not impact the student's GPA, but does not count as completed credit toward the degree. Withdrawal from the semester/term or from the University may have financial aid and fiscal ramifications for the student.
      • Continuing undergraduate students who want to cancel or withdraw from a semester or from the university entirely must complete a withdrawal form. The student system does not allow students to drop all courses on their own without properly withdrawing from the university first.
      • New first-semester undergraduates, please email to defer or cancel enrollment.
      • New first-semester graduate students, please email to defer or cancel enrollment.
      • Returning graduate students, please email for assistance.

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