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Office of Financial Aid

Terms and Conditions


  1. I will use any money I receive under Title IV student financial aid programs only for expenses related to my attendance at Morgan State University.
  2. I do not owe any repayment on a Federal Pell Grant, Federal SEOG, or SSIG previously awarded to me for my attendance at any institution.
  3. I am not in default on a Title IV Higher Education Act Loan (NDSL, Federal Perkins, Federal Direct, Federal Stafford, Federal PLUS, and Federal SLS) made for attendance at any institution.
  4. I will not engage in the unlawful manufacturing, distribution, dispensation, possession or use of a controlled substance during the period of this award.

 Conditions of Acceptance

  1. I understand that any aid offered by the University is contingent upon the availability of funds and offers may be reduced or withdrawn if such funds are not actually appropriated.
  2. I must promptly report in writing to the Financial Aid Office, any changes in my financial, marital, or academic status.
  3. Any Direct/Federal Perkins Loan that is offered, as part of my package will be withdrawn if I fail to sign the appropriate promissory note and other forms.
  4. I must report any financial assistance not listed on this notification to the Financial Aid Office immediately.
  5. I accept the responsibility for repayment of any Federal Loans offered to me.
  6. I will notify the Financial Aid Office immediately if I withdraw or drop below ½ time.
  7. I understand if my enrollment drops below half-time that my financial aid will be adjusted.
  8. I understand that half-time as an undergraduate is a minimum of 6 credits and as a graduate the minimum credits is 5 credits.
  9. I understand that my award(s) will be reduced/cancelled if I register for less than the number of credits on which my award(s) was based (usually 12 credits)
  10. I must maintain Satisfactory Academic progress as outlined in the financial aid policy.
  11. I agree to have all funds credited to my account and a refund generated thereafter, if applicable.
  12. I understand that if I withdraw before 60% of the semester is completed my federal financial aid will be adjusted accordingly.
  13. Upon my graduation, separation, withdrawal from school or if my enrollment drops to less than ½ time, I will report to the Financial Aid Office for the required federally mandated loan exit interview.
  14. I confirm the acceptance of all loan funds issued under my Federal Direct/FFEL Loan Master Promissory Note by the utilization of such funding accredited to my student account in the Bursar’s Office.