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Office of Financial Aid

Financial Aid Directory

Tanya Wilkerson, Director

Wanda Smith, Associate Director

Tajah Pettway, Assistant Director

Jessica Johnson, Assistant Director Student Employment

Ashley Thornton, Administrative Assistant

Yolanda Philandez-Randall, Scholarships and Grants Coordinator

Severia Lee, Student Employment Officer Assistant

Trina Spearman, Front Counter

Advisor Alphabet
Advisor Wanda Smith, Financial Aid Advisor Alphabet C & Q
Advisor Tenecia Crawford , Financial Aid Advisor Alphabet B, D - I, J & K
Advisor Dominique Gladden , Financial Aid Advisor Alphabet A, L & R, S - Z
Advisor Denise Spence , Financial Aid Advisor Alphabet M-P Undergraduate; Graduate A - Z
Support Staff Alphabet
Support Staff Joyce Key, Office Clerk Alphabet A-Z
Support Staff Alphabet A-Z
Loan Team Alphabet
Loan Team Eric Redman , Financial Aid Specialist Alphabet A-Z
Loan Team Daphne Lewis , Financial Aid Specialist Alphabet A-Z
Loan Team Krysten Morgan , Loan Office Assistant Alphabet A-Z