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Office of Financial Aid

Reasons for Aid Revisions

Certain circumstances require us to adjust your financial aid after you have been awarded. You will be notified by email of any changes to your financial aid award. Review the circumstances below to determine how your aid may change.

Change in Enrollment Status 

If you are awarded financial aid prior to the start of the semester, you will be awarded based on full-time enrollment. If you do not enroll full-time, your aid may need to be adjusted.


If you withdraw, drop all of your classes, or stop attending your courses, your aid may be adjusted. If you are considering withdrawing, visit our office to determine the impact to your aid.

Receiving Additional Aid

Receiving additional financial aid may require your current awards to be adjusted. This includes institutional, state, and private scholarships and grants, tuition remission awards, and graduate assistantships. If you know you will be receiving additional financial aid, visit our office to determine the impact to your current award package.

Change in Residency Status

If you are granted in-state residency after you are awarded based on out of state residency, your budget will be adjusted to reflect the lower tuition and fees charge. This change in your budget may require changes to your financial aid awards.


If you are selected for verification after being awarded and the documentation you submit does not match your application, your eligibility may change and require changes to your financial aid awards.