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Morgan State University Police Participate in FLETC’s Active Shooter Threat Training Program

by Morgan State U
February 05, 2024

Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers Personnel Visit Morgan’s Campus to Provide Specialized Security and Emergency Response Training for MSUPD Officers


BALTIMORE – The Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers (FLETC), the nation’s largest provider of law enforcement training, recently visited Morgan State University’s (MSU) campus to provide Physical Security Assessment Training, Tactical Medical for First Responders, and the Active Shooter Threat Training Program (ASTTP) to MSU Police and Public Safety officers.

“Campus safety and security is a top priority for our university administration and the law enforcement personnel at Morgan State University. The access to critical resources, such as advanced training sessions in collaboration with our partners from the Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers, has been welcomed and beneficial to the continued improvement of our security processes,” said Lance Hatcher, Chief of Police and Public Safety at Morgan State University. “We thank FLETC for the knowledge our officers gained in the advancement of the University's strategy to actively respond to and mitigate potential threats to our campus community. Should the need arise, our team will be fully prepared to implement the strategies and best practices learned from this invaluable experience.”

Active Shooter TrainingThe FLETC ASTTP prepares students to employ Active Shooter Threat Tactics through dynamic, interactive drills and scenario-based training. This intensive and challenging program covers a variety of tactical subjects for responding officers, including Single Officer Response Tactics, Limited Penetration Tactics, Tactical Medical Training, Multiple Officer Response, Link-Up Procedures, Response to an Explosive Hazard, and Post Shooting Considerations. During a practical exercise, instructors evaluate the officers on their ability to perform skills and tactics in the role of a responding officer.

“Our training incorporates recent lessons learned and best practices from the field, including teaching officers how to coordinate with others to take immediate, decisive action to stop an active shooter,” said FLETC Deputy Director Kai J. Munshi. “FLETC’s training challenges and enhances the critical decision-making skills of first responding law enforcement officers during an active shooter incident. FLETC also transferred the necessary skills and tools to Morgan State University law enforcement to prepare them to assist the critically injured.”

Active Shooter TrainingASTTP is a dynamic, hands-on training program designed to equip law enforcement officers and agents with the knowledge and skills to end an active threat event. FLETC instructors tailored the ASTTP at Morgan State University specifically to an active shooter event on campus.

A component of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, FLETC provides career-long training to law enforcement professionals to help them fulfill their responsibilities safely and proficiently. Through strategic partnerships, FLETC prepare the federal law enforcement community to safeguard America’s people, property, and institutions.

The Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers (FLETC) provides career-long training to law enforcement professionals to help them fulfill their responsibilities safely and proficiently. Over the past 46 years, FLETC has grown into the nation’s largest provider of law enforcement training. Under a collaborative training model, FLETC’s federal partner organizations deliver training unique to their missions, while FLETC provides training in areas common to all law enforcement officers, such as firearms, driving, tactics, investigations, and legal training.

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