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Campus Publications

Listed below are a few of the publications that are produced by Morgan State University:

Morgan Magazine » view
Morgan Magazine is published by the Office of Public Relations. The magazine features stories on outstanding alumni, campus and athletics news & events, and a host of other great things happening at Morgan State University.

Alumni News » view
Alumni News is published twice a year for alumni, employees, students, and friends of the University. Featured stories focus on the University’s research advances, experiential education, creative expression, global partnerships, and urban engagement.



PM Magazine » view
School of Business & Management
PM Magazine is edited and produced by the staff, faculty, and students of the Masters in Project Management Program.

Enterprise Magazine » view
School of Business & Management
Enterprise Magazine is a publication edited and produced by the Morgan State University School of Business & Management.

Morgan Global Journalism Review » view
School of Global Journalism & Communication
MGJR is edited and produced by the staff and faculty of MSU School of Global Journalism and Communication. This quarterly e-magazine examines media, communication and information technology on the international stage. This electronic magazine provides reporting and analysis on media and communications trends, issues and events from a global perspective.



The Spokesman Newspaper » view
Founded in 1942, The Spokesman is the official student newspaper on campus providing news from a student perspective and informing the members of the Morgan community.   The Spokesman’s student journalists cover in-depth local and campus news, sports, business, and entertainment.

Morgan Promethean Yearbook » view
Established in 1950, The Promethean is the official yearbook for Morgan State University. The Promethean, which borrows its name from the Greek god Prometheus who stole fire from Heaven to give the earth light and life, is compiled by Morgan State University students.