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Academic and Disability Services

Academic Services

Academic Support Resources:

1. Contact your department for their plans for online courses.

2. Smarthinking Online Tutoring (24/7): Smarthinking offers live tutoring services 24/7 in most academic subjects, including higher level subjects such as statistics. It also features a writing center from which students can receive feedback on written work. The Smarthinking service is open to all Morgan students.

3. The Academic Enrichment Program: A campus based tutoring program for Morgan students.

4. CASA: Center for Academic Success and Achievement: This campus based center exists to promote and to enhance the academic and personal development of all Morgan State University students through professional academic advisement, peer tutoring, and supplemental instruction programs.

5. Counseling Center: The mission of the Counseling Center is to provide a range of psychological and counseling services to meet the mental health and developmental needs of Morgan students. The Counseling Center strives to support the emotional, interpersonal, social, and career development of MSU students.

6. Center for Career Development: The Center for Career Development provides assistance to students and alumni in the career decision-making process.

Disability Services

Support for Students with Disabilities: Morgan's Office of Disability Services

As a critical component of Morgan State University, Student Disability Support Services is dedicated to assisting students with disabilities accomplish their scholastic and career goals by supporting academic and advocacy skills and by helping to eliminate the physical, technical, and attitudinal barriers that limit opportunities. Student Disability Support Services is committed to providing all services and operating all programs in accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended, and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA 1990).

The ADA is a federal law, and colleges and universities are required to make reasonable accommodations to ensure that students with documented disabilities are able to participate in higher education. That is, the ADA specifies that students with documented disabilities who apply for services must be granted accommodations which afford the same opportunities for academic success, unless to do so would cause unjustifiable hardship or adversely affect the other students.