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Morgan Online

Welcome to Morgan Online!

Morgan State University Instructors

Morgan Online courses are taught by MSU faculty with the same levels of expertise in their disciplines and commitment to student-centered learning. Enjoy the online course environment while knowing your instructors are the best of what makes Morgan great!

Strong Academic Programs and Workforce Development Opportunities

Whether it's a traditional program or course you're interested in pursuing or workforce and professional development training to advance in your field, Morgan Online offers you the best of both options.

Student Support Services

Morgan Online offers a full array of student support services equal to those available to on-campus students, including:

  • library and technology services
  • tutoring and academic resources
  • advising and career counseling
  • technical and help desk support

Flexibility and Convenience

Morgan Online offers flexible delivery options to attend class from the comfort of your home, on your time and in a way that fits your schedule while still providing interaction with your instructor and classmates.

A Personal Welcome From the Director

Morgan Online's Director, Cynthia Brown-LaVeist is committed and dedicated to furthering the success for Morgan Online. Get to know more about Cynthia Brown-LaVeist.

Connect With Us!

Contact us, and our staff will help you get started. Introduce yourself by sending us an email to or calling (443) 885-4720, Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m EST.
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