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Tyler Hall

Center for Career Development

The Center for Career Development provides assistance to students and alumni in the career decision-making process. We provide assistance through career assessments, counseling (individual advising/counseling) and experiential learning opportunities, a career resource center for obtaining career information and researching employers, developing job-seeking skills through seminars and individualized preparation, planning and executing a targeted job search, providing opportunities to interview with employers; access to job fairs and career days sponsored by Morgan State University and other organizations in the region. We also assist students and alumni with graduate school planning and connecting job seekers to employers, while providing the tools needed to be competitive and successful in today's global market.

Career planning is a lifelong process of defining and working to achieve career goals.  While at Morgan State University, you will grow in many ways and some of the biggest decisions you will face relate to what to do with your time here and how you will prepare for your future. The Center for Career Development is here to assist with all aspects of career planning - including self-assessment, career exploration, gaining real-world experience via internships, job search assistance and graduate school planning. Together we can make your "dream" job a reality.

Invest your time upfront to reap the benefits later!

Watch. Learn. Land the job of your dreams!

Our Mission

The mission of the Center for Career Development (CCD), and its staff, is to assist undergraduate and graduate students, as well as degree-holding alumni, in their determination of a major course of study, in the choice of a career direction, and/or pursuit of graduate education. We emphasize that student success will come through self-exploration, exploration of and experiencing possible careers, and learning job search related skills necessary for each individual to accomplish their career goals and objectives. We seek to empower our clients, so that in the future they will be able to make sound career decisions, achieve career satisfaction, and be productive members of society.

It is the basic philosophy of the Center for Career Development that when students engage in effective and efficient career planning throughout their duration in college, their "dreams" become a reality at a much quicker pace. Following this tenet, students are encouraged to register with the Center for Career Development early in their academic careers, utilize the resources and attend career-related events.

Career Specialists meet with students one-on-one to discuss/formulate career plans, review resumes and cover letters, learn job search strategies, practice interview skills, investigate career options, find internships and jobs, and plan for graduate school.  The staff is available for assistance on a walk-in basis or by appointment. Whether you are a first-year or transfer student trying to decide a career, someone looking for hands-on experience, or an alumnus navigating a career transition, relax-the CCD is here to assist you.