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Master of Social Work

What to Expect in the MSW Online Program

  • All courses are offered fully online
  • Each class session takes place over a period of 7 days in which students must complete all assignments/activities for the week
  • Most of the course interaction is *asynchronous and can be done at students' convenience within parameters set by the instructor in the syllabus or course calendar
  • Student are required to participate with scheduled **synchronous sessions
  • Students must follow the program of study exactly
  • Weekly +attendance is required (missing more than one session of an 8 week course results in expulsion from the class)

* Asynchronous session - students and faculty do not have to be present in the course at the same time to complete a learning activity

**Synchronous session - interactions with the instructor via web conferencing

+Attendance is tracked by completion and submission of weekly learning activities. Learning activities may include discussion board posts, quizzes, short essays, video role-play recordings, slide shares, etc.