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Master of Social Work

Admission Requirements

MSW Program admission is currently granted for the fall semester only. Students must meet admission requirements set by both the MSU School of Graduate Studies and the MSU School of Social Work MSW Program. Please visit MSU School of Graduate Studies for more information regarding admission requirements. The posted deadline for applications applies to all supporting documents. The MSW Program does not receive applications for review from the School of Graduate Studies until they are complete with a resume, personal background statement, goal statement, three professional or academic recommendations, and transcripts (unofficial transcripts should be included in the application) from all colleges and universities attended.  Transcripts from community colleges are not required.

Regular standing applicants

  1. MSW Program Schedule
  2. All unofficial transcripts should be uploaded to your application. Official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended are required if accepted into the university. Transcripts must be sent from the college directly to the MSU School of Graduate Studies in order to be considered official. They should be sent to Please be sure to add the School of Graduate Studies in your request.
  3. A 3.0 cumulative grade point average is required for regular admission.
  4. Students with a 2.5 - 2.9 GPA may be admitted conditionally.
  5. Three Letters of Recommendation.  Recommendations are to be from employers, professors, or volunteer/internship supervisors rather than colleagues or personal references.  
  6. Personal Background/Goal Statement. This statement should include professional and personal goals as well as career objectives. A discussion of a social issue of importance to the applicant, why the applicant wants to pursue an MSW, and why they are interested in attending Morgan State University should also be included.
  7.  Include education, professional and volunteer experience, academic achievements, and professional accomplishments, particularly those relevant to social work.
  8. May be requested by the MSW Admissions Committee.

Advanced standing applicants


  1. The applicant must meet the admission criteria for the MSW Program;
  2. The applicant must have graduated from a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) program accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) within the last five years. Applicants who are still enrolled in their BSW program should apply following the first semester of their senior year. Acceptance to Advanced Standing would be conditional, pending receipt of final qualifying grades and confirmation of the BSW degree;
  3. The applicant must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher and no grade lower than a B in any Social Work course. 


  1. Complete and submit the general MSW Application through the School of Graduate Studies; Within this application, students who meet the eligibility requirements above should indicate their interest within the Statement of Goals section of the application (i.e. "One of my goals is to be admitted into the Advanced Standing program.");
  2. Submit an Advanced Standing recommendation form completed by the BSW Chair. Once your application has been submitted, you will need to input the name and email address of the BSW Chair/Director;
  3. Submit an Advanced Standing recommendation form completed by the BSW Field Education Department. Once your application has been submitted, you will need to input the name and email address of the recommender.  The form will need to be completed by one of the following: Director, Assistant Director, Field Liaison, or Field Supervisor;
  4. Upon receipt of both recommendation forms, and admission into the university, the applicant will receive an email notification to schedule an Advanced Standing Interview;
  5. Applicants will receive an Advanced Standing determination within two weeks of completing their interview. If it is determined that an applicant is denied for Advanced Standing, the applicant's initial offer to attend the 60-credit program remains.

For information regarding deadlines, please see Frequently Asked Questions.

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