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Veterans Engagement Services

VES Online Forms

The forms found on this page are designed to be used by any student with military affiliation who is attending Morgan State University during any applicable enrollment period. All form details, instructions, and processing times are located in the form descriptions below.

To provide more transparency and a smoother workflow experience the Office of the Registrar is now offering the opportunity for students to track the progress of their form submissions in WEBSIS under Service Request. This new process uses the Smartsheet Dynamic View feature which allows students to see the movement of their submitted forms from inception to completion and includes notations on missing documentation, processing dates, and pertinent operational details. 

For more information on how to access your Dynamic View, a team representative can be reached via

NOTE: A desktop computer or laptop is suggested for the best form completion and submission experience. 

Military Funding Request Form (MFRF) 

Summer Session II

Fall 2024


Active Duty service member, Select Reservist, National Guard member, Air Guard member, Coast Guard member, Marine, Naval Sailor, Retired Veteran, Dependent, Spouse, or ROTC Cadet (contracted or non-contracted). You MUST complete an MFRF every term that you enrolled in courses at Morgan State University regardless of funding used. Each student should complete only **one (1) form time per term** (ie 1x for Fall, or 1x for Winter, etc)

PROCESSING TIME: 3 - 30 business days*

*Residency Petitions can impact processing time

**Completing duplicate or multiple forms referencing the same term, will delay your certification/residency process

***Incomplete or missing supplemental documentation can impact processing times

Enrollment Information Update Form (EIUF)

Use this form to provide updates/changes to be included in your previously submitted Military Funding Request Form. Your VES representatives will update your account profile based on the additional submissions (i.e. add/drop classes, academic major changes, overrides, address change, withdrawals, incompletes, provide additional information or documentation, etc.). This form can be completed multiple times, based on the number of changes that may occur with your student profile over any given term. 

PROCESSING TIME: 5 - 30 Business days*

*Incomplete or missing supplemental documentation can impact processing times.

Retroactive Military Funding Request Form (RMFRF)

Use this form if you are a student veteran recently approved for VA Educational Benefits under the Department of Veterans Affairs or the Department of Defense and would like to be retroactively processed for a term attended in the past year    For more information on retroactive processing review the additional instructions provided within the form. (ie, approved in Spring, can be processed for the previous Fall term, with supporting documents)

PROCESSING TIME: 5-30 Business days*

*Incomplete or missing supplemental documentation can impact processing times

Yellow Ribbon Interest Form (YRIF)

Any Chapter 33: Post 9/11 student with 100% entitlement and a Non-Residency status here in the State of Maryland, may be eligible for Yellow Ribbon Program participation while matriculating to assist with the out-of-state cost of tuition beyond your benefit entitlement.  (FALL and Spring ONLY)

Not sure if you qualify? Check the Yellow Ribbon requirements here.

Off-Campus VA Educational Benefits Certification Request

This form is to be completed by any student veteran who is approved to take a class(es) off-campus and intends to utilize their VA Educational Benefits at a "guest" institution for the next upcoming term.

Learn more information about the university process for Off-campus Undergraduate Courses

PROCESSING TIME: 7- 10 Business days*

*Incomplete or missing approvals can impact processing times

VES Hold Removal Form (HRV)

This form is to be completed by a student veteran requesting temporary release of their VA Hold to make an account adjustment or change.

NOTE: All released HOLDs will be re-applied at 12:01 a.m. on the following day. Holds will be automatically released from all student veterans' accounts before the next term registration period begins. 

PROCESSING TIME: 1 - 3 Business days* (preferred 5-7 Business day advance notice)

*No same-day responses

VES SAP Compliance Form

Students will be prompted to complete this form during the VES mid-term SAP assessment. This form is required to identify the specific academic needs of the student veteran who is not meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) to maintain university and VA compliance.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: 30 business days before the end of the term. (Spring/Fall)*

*Non-standard terms 7-10 business days before the end of the term.

Military Leave Notification Form

Servicemembers called to military duty during the current term enrolled MUST complete this form for university-wide assistance with completing your program. This applies to all student veterans called to military service, military training, or emergency military leave. (See Military Leave Policy)

PROCESSING TIME: 10 - 15 Business days before departure

VES Fall 2024 Tuition Assistance Scholarship Application (Opens 7/1/2024)

This application is open to any military-affiliated student, using Chapter 30, Chapter 1606, Chapter 35, Chapter 33 (50%-90% entitlement ONLY), MD NG State Tuition Waiver, Federal Tuition Assistance, ROTC Bridge, ROTC Grant, Exhausted benefits or Self-Pay. Tuition Assistance scholarships are designed to bridge the gap between the student's unmet financial need and the billing settlement. The maximum scholarship award is $500 per student applicant. Awards amount decisions are based on the students' express needs, current account status, and required document submissions. For additional scholarship information and requirements CLICK HERE!

PROCESSING TIME: 5 - 45 Business days* DEADLINE:  September 6, 2024

*Additional requirements apply 

**All applications submitted without the required supplemental documents will be automatically DENIED!

VES Fall 2024 Book Scholarship Application (Opens 7/1/24)

This application is open to any military-affiliated student who is using Chapter 30, Chapter 1606, Chapter 35, MD NG State Tuition Waiver, Federal Tuition Assistance, ROTC Bridge, ROTC Grant, Exhausted Benefits, or Self-Pay. Eligible students Must have a GPA of 2.5 or higher, provide documented proof of book costs, and MUST participate in the Morgan State University First Day Complete Bookstore Program. Book scholarship awards range up to $400 per student account based on additional requirements and account status. For Graduate student requirements and additional scholarship information CLICK HERE!

PROCESSING TIME: 5 - 45 Business days*   DEADLINE: September 6, 2024

*Additional requirements apply

**All applications submitted without the required supplemental documentation will be automatically DENIED!