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holmes hall

University Memorial Chapel

Mission Statement

The University Memorial Chapel is the center of religious and spiritual life at Morgan State University. We are dedicated to serving our students, faculty, staff, and administration by ministering to the needs of the holistic person- spirit, soul, and body. The Memorial Chapel has been born of a rich legacy that embraces the interconnectedness of humankind while acknowledging denominational and interfaith liberty. The University Memorial Chapel seeks to provide religious instruction and activities that enhance the spiritual health and leadership abilities of the students at Morgan State University.

The primary mission of the University Memorial Chapel is to assist students, faculty, and staff in developing an appreciation for spiritual and moral values in their lives. To facilitate this end, the University Memorial Chapel interacts with students, administration, and faculty of the University as well as leaders, organizations, and institutions in the community. The mission of the Chapel is closely associated with the history of Morgan State University.

Spiritual & Moral Values

The philosophy of the University Memorial Chapel is that education should embrace the importance of the student’s spiritual values. Appreciation of spiritual and moral values informs the life of the truly educated person. When this happens a moral context is given to what one does with the knowledge one has gained. The Chapel exists to give direction to the implementation of spiritual and religious values in character formation. With this direction, life decisions are properly grounded.

The University Memorial Chapel exists also as a continuing symbol of the relevance of moral values in higher education. As such, it is recognized not only by the University, but also by the community at large. Its facilities provide space for a variety of activities for students, faculty, and for various organizations and individuals in the Baltimore area.

Ecumenism & Interfaith

The University Memorial Chapel is a place for cooperation and activities for all religious faiths. Our diverse faith communities have carried forward inspiring activities for Morgan State University and the community. We are committed to fostering understanding between various faith communities, which form the mosaic of faith practices at the University and in society.