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University Memorial Chapel

Worship Service

Christian worship services are held on Sundays at 11am while the university is open.

A primary goal during worship service is to provide a genuine worship experience for those that attend. This goal is inclusive of creative, energetic, and free expression of worship. Songs of worship, praise, adoration, and thanksgiving are shared among the congregation. We strive for high-quality messages centered around the gospel that inspire strong faith. By doing so, the student's level of understanding and appreciation of what worship is all about may be enhanced.

While the Chapel is not a church you can join, we are a community you can be a meaningful part of to reach individuals outside the four walls! The Chapel seeks to serve as a learning opportunity for students, as well as an arena within which they may develop their leadership, public speaking, and other key skills. Individual gifts and talents will be explored and stretched for the purpose of the discipleship, growth, and edifying of the ministry and service attendees.