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Office of Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property

Morgan's Published U.S. Utility Patent Applications (Pending)

Publication Number Invention   Inventor(s) 
2024/0177279 Method and System for Deblurring Non-Uniformly Blurred Images Arlene Cole-Rhodes, Greig Richmond
2024/0142374 Glow Chamber Device and Method of ATR Infared Spectroscopy for Monitoring Chemical Reactions in Controlled Environments Alexandr Samokhvalov
2024/0099333 Fremyella Diplosiphon as a Nutritional Feed Supplement for Aquaculture Ingrid Tulloch, Viji Sitther
2024/0084352 Microbial Polysaccharides and Methods of Use Pumtiwitt McCarthy, Sujan Ghimire
2024/0074654 Method and Device for Fellow-Eye Corneal Topography Shiva Mehravaran
2023/0404045 Method for the Polyculture of Clams with Oysters Ming Liu
2023/0392181 Methods for Detecting Zerovalent Nanoparticle-Mediated Oxidative Stress in Cyanobacteria Viji Sitther, Samson Gichuki
2023/0340502 Engineered Cyanobacteria with Enhanced UV Tolerance Viji Sitther, Samson Gichuki
2023/0335282 Device and Method for Detecting Sickle Cell Disease Using Deep Transfer Learning MD Mahmudur Rahman
2023/0298147 Image Deblurring Using Multi-layer LSTM Network Arlene Cole-Rhodes, Greig Richmond
2023/0284744 Diabetic Footwear LaPorchia Davis
2023/0251246 Fluorescent Turn-on Chemosensors for Detection of Aluminum Ion and Azide Fasil Abebe
2023/0247045 Method for Quantitative Cyber Risk Management Wondimu Zegeye, Richard Dean, Farzad Moazzami
2023/0197293 System and Method for Communications between Patients and Mental Health Providers Dawn Thurman, Rhonda Wells-Wilbon
2023/0186747 Travel Abroad Student Safety Tracking System and Dashboard Kimberly Warren
2023/0064211 Autonomous Mobility System Mansoureh Jeihani, Kofi Nyarko, Eazaz Sadeghvaziri, Anam Ardeshiri, Nile Walker
2023/0005623 System and Method for Predictive Risk Assessment and Intervention Lorece Edwards, Lawrence Brown, Sabriya Dennis, Ian Lindong
2022/0373529 Sensor and Method for Detecting Heavy Metals Using Carbon Nanotubes Dereje Seifu
2022/0136937 Silver Nanoparticle Surface Enabled Self-Assembly of Organic Dye Molecules Hua Deng, Hongtao Yu
2022/0032924 System and Method for Driver Distraction Detection and Classification Mansoureh Jeihani, Samira Ahangari, Abdollah Dehzangi, Arsalan Hassan Pour
2021/0334289 System and Method for Synchronization of Asynchronous Datasets Mansoureh Jeihani, Snehanshu Banerjee, Mahmoud Ayman Sayed
2021/0305915 Flexible Piezoelectric Film-Based Power Source Birol Ozturk, Peker Milas
2021/0295505 Rapid Sensing of Biological and Environmental Analytes Kadir Aslan, Edward Constance, Enock Bonyi
2021/0287071 Method and Apparatus for Augmented Data Anomaly Detection Kofi Nyarko, Mariem Ben Fadhel
2021/0118550 System and Method for Automated Diagnosis of Skin Cancer Types from Dermoscopic Images Md Mahmudur Rahman, Oyebisi Francis Layode, Tasmeer Alam
2021/0072037 System and Method for Vehicle Routing Young-Jae Lee, Amirreza Nickkar
2020/0135340 System and Method for Predictive Risk Assessment and Intervention Lorece Edwards, Lawrence Brown, Sabriya Dennis, Ian Lindong
2020/0131469  Composition and Method for Enhancing Photosynthetic Efficiency, Growth, and/or Lipid Production Microorganisms  Viji Sitther, Somayeh Fathabad