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Office of Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property

Morgan's U.S. Issued Patents

Patent # Morgan U.S. Issued Patents Morgan Inventors
#11,982,442 System and Method for Biomass Combustion - Issued 5/14/2024 Seong Lee, Xuejun Qian, Yulai Yang, Raghul Kumar Chandrasekaran, Oludayo Alamu, Blaise Kalmia
#11,864,868 Modular, Portable, and Rapidly Deployable System for Health Assessment - Issued 1/9/2024 Timothy Akers
#11,867,457 Hybrid Mobile Shellfish Cooling System - Issued 1/9/2024 Seong Lee, Xuejun Qian, Yulai Yang
#11,861,275 Digital Signal Processing Using Recursive Hierarchical Particle Swarm Optimization - Issued 1/2/2024 Kofi Nyarko, Benjamin Hall
#11,284,700 Systems and Methods for Peak-to-Average Power Ratio (PAPR) Reduction in OFDM Signals - Issued 11/21/2023 Richard Dean
#11,810,215 System and Method for Public Housing Evaluation - Issued 11/7/2023 Jacqueline Holland
#11,782,011 Ultrasensitive Electrochemical Biosensors - Issued 10/10/2023 Yongchao Zhang, Aeshah Alsheri
#11,766,031 System and Method for Promoting Attachment and Growth of Bivalve Organisms on Coastal Structures - Issued 9/26/2023 Thomas Ihde, Richard Lacouture, Amber Demarr
#11,756,138 System and Method for Stormwater Utility Management - Issued 9/12/2023 James Hunter, Dong Hee Kang, Hye Joeng Lee
#11,716,236 Systems and Methods for OFDM Performance Enhancement on Frequency Selective Fading Channels - Issued 8/1/2023 Richard Dean, Tasmeer Alam
#11,705,017 Supply Chain Management Instructional Board Game - Issued 7/18/2023 Ziping Wang
#11,687,717 System and Method for Monitoring and Routing of Computer Traffic for Cyber Threat Risk Embedded in Electronic Documents - Issued 6/27/2023 Garfield Jones
#11,655,446 Method for Using Bivalve Waste as Media for Micro-Algal Production - Issued 5/23/2023 Thomas Ihde, Rebekah Borgert
#11,595,434 Method and System for Intrustion Detection - Issued 2/28/2023 Wondimu Zegeye, Richard Dean, Farzad Moazzami
#11,583,470 Pulmonary Vest for Electro-sonic Stimulation Treatment - Issued 2/21/2023 Timothy Akers, Kofi Nyarko, Gregory Ramsey, Cassandra Dickerson
#11,565,711 System and Method for Generating Vehicle Speed Alerts - Issued 1/31/2023 Mansoureh Jeihani, Samira Ahangari, Zohreh Rashidi Moghaddam
#11,543,429 Nanoscale Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy Electrode Method - Issued 1/3/2023 Birol Ozturk, Alperen Guver, Peker Milas
#11,538,577 System and Method for Automated Diagnosis of Skin Cancer Types from Dermoscopic Images - Issued 12/27/2022 Md Mahmudur Rahman, Oyebisi Layode, Tasmeer Alam
#11,240,752 Adaptive Energy Efficient Cellular Network - Issued 2/1/2022 Hailu Kassa, Kevin Kornegay
#11,162,067 Composition and Method for Enhancing Photosynthetic Efficiency of Microorganisms - Issued 11/2/21 Viji Sitther, Benham Tabatabai, Kadir Aslan
#11,005,540 Method and system for multiple input, multiple output communications in millimeter wave networks - Issued 5/11/21 Arlene Cole-Rhodes, Peter Taiwo
#10,981,836 Laser induced graphitization of boron carbide in air - Issued 4/20/21 Michael Spencer, Mvs Chandrashekhar, Joshua Letton, Abdulganiyu Ajilore, Travis Williams
#10,950,079 Method and apparatus for determining the authenticity of flat objects: bank notes, documents, security labels, and related items - Issued 3/16/21 Alexandr Samokhvalov
#10,894,084 Metal-assisted and microwave-accelerated decrystallization - Issued 1/19/2021 Kadir Aslan
#10,831,894 Decentralized root-of-trust framework for heterogeneous networks - Issued 11/20/2020 Kevin Kornegay, Willie Thompson
#10,793,883 Engineered cyanobacteria with enhanced lipid production - Issued 10/16/2020 Viji Sitther, Somayeh Fathabad
#10,688,541 Portable Shellfish Basket Washer - Issued 6/23/2020 Donghee Kang, Ted Cooney (CIO, LLC)
#10,673,469 Multi-based Multi-Mode Software Defined Radio - Issued 6/2/2020 Willie Thompson, Samuel Berhanu, Jan-Paul Alleyne
#10,626,363 Engineered cyanobacteria with enhanced salt tolerance - Issued 4/21/2020 Viji Sitther, Benham Tabatabai
#10,333,620 (Improved) System and method for lighting and building occupant tracking - Issued 6/25/2019 Kofi Nyarko, Christian Emiyah, Samuel Mbugua
#10,253,974 System and method for biomass combustion - Issued 4/9/2019 Seong Lee
#9,973,275 System and method for lighting and building occupant tracking - Issued 5/15/2018 Kofi Nyarko, Christian Emiyah, Samuel Mbugua
#9,243,017 Metal-assisted and microwave-accelerated evaporative crystallization - Issued 1/26/2016 Kadir Aslan