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Advanced Studies, Leadership, and Policy

Master of Education in Community College Administration & Instruction (MEd)

Program Mission and Vision

Guided by Morgan State University's Strategic Plan, the Master of Education in Community College Administration and Instruction meets the growing need for advanced degrees for mid-level administrators, student affairs professionals, and instructional leaders in the community college.

Program Emphases

  • Increasing diversity in American community colleges by committing to strengthening the roles and voices of minorities and women.
  • Collaborating with community colleges and community college organizations to form partnerships and initiatives that develop real-world competencies.
  • Developing globally-aware community college leaders who can appropriately respond, understand, and contribute to the rapidly changing world.

Program Benefits

The online delivery and cohort learning model format offers the following benefits:

  • The convenience of online learning allows students to complete coursework from the comfort of home/office, with the assurance that courses will maintain the same high academic standards as traditional on-site courses.
  • Access to coursework 24/7 via the user-friendly Canvas learning platform, which allows assignment submission day, night, and weekends.
  • Matriculation within the cohort model allows for an active learning community that offers support and encouragement.

Admission Requirements

  • Bachelor's degree from an accredited institution
  • A minimum 2.5 GPA
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Official transcripts from all postsecondary institutions attended
  • Completed application
  • Personal statement

Curriculum Sequence

Master of Education in Community College Administration and Instruction

Year I - Fall (5 Weeks)
EDHE 600 The American Community College(3 Credits)
EDSR 604 Introduction to Educational Research(3 Credits)
EDHE 609 Issues in Community Colleges: Social Justice/Equity (3 Credits)

Year I - Spring (5 Weeks)

EDHE 601 Leadership and Administration of Community Colleges(3 Credits)
EDHE 604 Community College Finance and Budgeting(3 Credits)
EDHE 606 21st Century Learning College(3 Credits)

Year I - Summer (5 Weeks)

ASLJ 601 Leadership and Administration of Community Colleges(3 Credits)
EDHE 725 The American Community College Student(3 Credits)

Year II – Fall


EDHE 617 Community College Internship(6 Credits)

*Course Sequence Subject to Change or Update.

Dr. Carolyn Anderson
Dr. Krishna Bista
Dr. Myrtle E.B. Dorsey
Program Director and Professor of Practice
Dr. Uttam Gaulee
Dr. Christine Harrington
Mr. Wilbur Hicks, Esq
Dr. Kimberly McManus
Dr. Robin Spaid
Associate Professor
Dr. Michael Sparrow
Assistant Professor

Mrs. Kendle Cross
Administrative Assistant, Community College Leadership

Dr. Earlene Roberts
Student Support Specialist, Community College Leadership

Dr. Estenia Goodridge
Student Services Specialist, Community College Leadership

Mr. Henry Linck
Quality Matters Specialist