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School of Computer, Mathematical & Natural Sciences

Mission & Vision

The School of Computer, Mathematical and Natural Sciences (SCMNS) is comprised of five departments: Biology (including the Medical Laboratory Science Program), Chemistry, Computer Science (including the cloud computing program), Mathematics (including the Actuarial Science Program) and Physics (including Engineering Physics). The School also offers four Master's degrees: Advanced Computing, Bioinformatics, Mathematics and Science (with tracks in Biology, Chemistry and Physics) and two Ph.D. degrees: Bioenvironmental Science and Industrial & Computational Mathematics.

The School of Computer, Mathematical and Natural Sciences envisions itself to be a premier school of science and mathematics through transformational education provided to a diverse student body.

The mission of the School is to provide a comprehensive offering of undergraduate, master's and doctoral programs to educate and nurture the next generation of scientists, mathematicians and technologists; to advance the frontiers of science and technology through scientific research and innovation; and to serve the local, regional and global communities.

The strategic initiatives include:

  • Strengthen the infrastructure for effective recruitment, retention and graduation.
  • Provide transformational instruction and content delivery with state-of-the-art curricula and advisement in a nurturing environment.
  • Expand academic program offerings including new and online degree programs.
  • Enhance research and scholarly activities including the improvement of infrastructure and capabilities.
  • Expand partnerships and collaborations with academic institutions, industries and federal agencies.
  • Build a model working environment for collaboration and a fulfilling life-journey for employees.