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School of Community Health and Policy

SCHP Faculty Directory

Our Faculty

Maija Anderson

Dr. Maija Anderson

Assistant Professor, Director of Nursing

Emelia Asamoah

Dr. Emelia Asamoah

Assistant Professor/Master's Program Coordinator

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Dr. Kesha Baptiste-Roberts

Associate Professor/Interim Chair for Behavioral Health

Sharon Barrett

Dr. Sharon Barrett

Assistant Professor

Yvonne Bronner

Dr. Yvonne Bronner


Lorece Edwards

Dr. Lorece Edwards


Dr. David O. Fakunle

Assistant Professor

Bahram Faraji

Dr. Bahram Faraji

Associate Professor

Maryam Ganjavi

Dr. Maryam Ganjavi

Assistant Professor

Anita Hawkins

Dr. Anita Hawkins

Associate Dean & Associate Professor

Lenwood Hayman

Dr. Lenwood Hayman

Associate Professor

Mackessa Holt

Dr. Mackessa Holt


Bazle Hossain

Dr. Bazle Hossain


Malliga Jambulingam

Dr. Malliga Jambulingam

Assistant Professor/PhD Program Coordinator

Ian Lindong

Dr. Ian Lindong

Assistant Professor

Omowali Makari

Dr. Omowali Makari (formerly Alexander Wooten)

Assistant Professor

Joycelyn Peterson

Dr. Joycelyn Peterson

Associate Professor, Director of Nutritional Sciences

Payam Sheikhatari

Dr. Payam Sheikhatari

Director of Prevention Sciences Research Center & Professor

Kim Sydnor

Dr. Kim Dobson Sydnor

Dean & Associate Professor

Raymond Terry

Dr. Raymond Terry

Assistant Professor

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Dr. Cynthia Tucker


Margaret Alston

Dr. Margaret Alston

Assistant Professor