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School of Community Health & Policy

Margaret Alston

Dr. Margaret Alston

Assistant Professor, School of Community Health & Policy

Office: Hurt Gym 102
Phone: 443-885-3487


PhD: Lower Extremity Development, Departments of Anatomy & Physical Therapy; University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA 1991 - 1995

MS, PT: Pediatric Neurophysiology and Treatment Paradigms in P.T; Temple University, Philadelphia, PA 1985 - 1988

BS, PT: Entry-Level Physical Therapy; Univ. of Maryland, Baltimore: School of Medicine 1980 - 1983

Margaret L. Alston, PT, PhD is an experienced Pediatric Orthopedic Physical Therapist, Assistant Professor, and Coordinator of the Pre-Professional Physical Therapy Track at Morgan State University (Baltimore, MD), beginning August 2016.

With 14 years of teaching and administrative experience in professional programs of higher learning, and 35 years of clinical experience primarily in Pediatric Development and Pediatric Orthopedic  Physical  Therapy, Dr. Alston enjoys a balance of teaching, mentoring students, university committee work, and pediatric research.

In December 1995, Dr. Alston earned a PhD in Lower Extremity Development from the University of Iowa. Her dissertation topic was: "A Quantitative Analysis of Greater Tarsal Development." Areas of clinical research interest are: rearfoot imbalances of infants and children, as well as topics on Sleep Related Infant Death.


Maryland Department of Health: Maternal and Child Health Bureau. “A Mixed Method Approach to Reducing Infant Sleep Related Deaths in Baltimore” (2018 -2021) Award $147,740

[Awarded to Morgan State’s Research Team on Sleep-Related Infant Deaths]

NIH Research Award: National Institute on Disability, pendent Living, and Rehabilitation Research.  “Quantitative Analysis of Greater Tarsal Development” (1993) Award: $17,000.


Morgan State’s SCHP Research Incentive Program (RIP) Pilot Program ($5,500 + In-Kind Services)

“A Public Health Approach to Decreasing Sleep Related Infant Deaths in Car Seats and Strollers Due to Position-Based Upper Airway Occlusion”  (Oct 2020)

Morgan State's ASCEND Small NIH Grants ($30,000):
"Addressing Congenital Metatarsus Adductus to Reduce Adult Rearfoot Pathomechanics" (June 2018)


 “Infant Safe Sleep Interventions in African American Communities.”

American Journal of Public Health Research. 2020, 8(5), 147-153. DOI: 10.12691/ajphr-8-5-3

Malliga Jambulingam, Margaret Alston, Ariel Hunt, David Thomas, Yvonne Bronner



“Examining the Relationship Between Sleep-Related Infant Deaths and Social Determinants of Health in Urban Communities” Journal of Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities

Margaret Alston, David Thomas, Leslie Bronner, Malliga Jambulingam, Ariel Hunt, Yvonne Bronner


“Positional Asphyxiation in Infants When Secured Upright in Car Seats and Strollers”

American Journal of Public Health

Margaret Alston, Malliga Jambulingam, Uzma Binte Haidary, David Thomas, Ariel Hunt, Yvonne Bronner



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