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The Office of Residence Life & Housing


The ORL offers several types of housing to accommodate the diverse needs of our student population. Approximately 2,400 residents are housed in four traditional residence halls, two high rise and two apartment complexes. The University provides basic utilities which include heat, water, electricity and waste disposal services. Each residence hall has a main lounge area, vending machines, washers/dryers at cost and computer labs available for the use of the residents.

Baldwin, Cummings, Harper/Tubman and O'Connell Halls are traditional, three floor style residence halls. Baldwin (upper-class males), Cummings (honors males) and Harper/Tubman (honors females) are composed of primarily double occupancy rooms with a central hallway and a bathroom joining two rooms (a maximum of four residents share the bathroom). Each room has individually controlled heat and air conditioning. O'Connell Hall (freshman males) is composed of double rooms with a central hallway which shares a common bath/shower room (a maximum of 30 residents per floor). O'Connell Hall has ceiling fans in each room for additional ventilation.

Blount Towers (all female classifications) and Rawlings Hall (upper-class males) are high-rise, six to eight floor residence halls. The two most recently built residence halls on campus are comprised of both double and triple rooms. The floor is divided among clusters where the residents share a common bathroom (a maximum of 10 residents may share a bathroom).

Thurgood Marshall (co-ed upper-class) and Northwood Apartments (co-ed, off-campus) are the apartment style residence hall complexes which have full kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms. Thurgood Marshall is located on the main campus and Northwood is located a few blocks from campus. Both facilities provide a taste of what life may be like for students who graduate and need to enter the "real world" instead of moving home.

In each Residence Hall there are fully equipped computer labs for the use of on-campus students. Please check with the hall labs periodically for updates about hours of operation and additional resources