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Department of Psychology


Faculty Highlights

Minneapolis, MN (August 2022). Psychology Faculty participate in the American Psychological Association 2022 Convention! Dr. Turner-Musa, Dr. Kimberly Warren, Dr. Anita Wells, & Dr. Stacey Stanley represented the Psychology Department at the recent APA 2022 Convention held in Minneapolis, MD on August 4th – August 6th.  Dr. Turner-Musa closed out her presidential year with APA Division 1:  The Society for General Psychology. The division's theme was "Bridging the Gap: Integrating Diverse Perspectives of Psychological Science". Her presidential address highlighted interdisciplinary student training & engagement. Dr. Warren presented on global health & study abroad; Dr. Wells and colleagues Dr. Lenwood Hayman & Dr. Linda Darrell presented on Mindfulness & Employee Well-being; Dr. Wells also presented with Mr. Eric Briscoe (MSU), Dr. Jana Duckett (MSU), and Ms. Nia Willis (Notre Dame of MD) on Interdisciplinary Collaboration.

Baltimore, MD (August 2022).  Dr. Amber Hodges has been appointed to serve as the Associate Chairperson of the Department of Psychology.  In this role Dr. Hodges will work closely with Dr. Turner-Musa to manage the day-to-day administration of the Psychology Department.

Baltimore, MD (July 2022).  Congratulations to Dr. Justin Bonny who was awarded a $596,383 National Science Foundation grant entitled Detecting Changes in Developing Fires and Posed Risk. The grant was awarded through the NSF Decision, Risk and Management Sciences, Office of Integrative Activities, Excellence in Research (EiR) program. The project investigates how well people perceive changes in visible fire cues, such as changes in smoke or flames, and link these cues to judge the risk posed by the developing fire. Better understanding of how people use visible fire cues to guide decision making during fire emergencies can improve life safety system design in buildings. Dr. Bonny will work with collaborators from the University of Maryland, College Park. Funding for this research is between July 1, 2022 and June 30, 2024.

Baltimore, MD & El Salvador (April 2022). Psychology faculty member Dr. Kimberly Warren hosted Instituto Especializado de Profesionales de la Salud (IEPROES) as part of a study exchange program!  On, May 2nd, MSU welcomed students and staff from IEPROES- El Salvador.  A welcome reception was held in the BSSC and afterwards students had an opportunity to tour campus.  During their stay, students attended psychology and Spanish classes, participated in various community activities such as volunteering with the Food Project and conducting health clinics, and had a little fun in between! We congratulate Dr. Warren and her colleagues Ms. Ventura and Ms. Torres on making this happen!

Graduate Student Highlights

Washington, DC (August 2022). Congratulations to Ms. Janine Jackson who represented Morgan State University at the recent American Evaluation Research Association (AERA) Graduate Student Council Retreat.

Undergraduate Student Highlights

Baltimore, MD (April 2022).  Congratulations to Ms. Brianna Hedge, the first recipient of the HOPE Dealing Mindset Scholarship. Brianna was awarded $500 for her commitment to community service and engagement. The scholarship is a gift from Morgan State University Psychology Alumni Mr. Marcus Brown and Mr. George Rowley class of 2014. Mr. Brown and Mr. Rowley are founders of the non-profit For more information about the scholarship and to donate, click on this link and select “Other” and specify “Hope Dealing Mindset Scholarship”.

Champlain, IL (July 2022).  Psychology Students Alexis Carlon, Taniya Henderson, and Jada Payne represented Morgan State University in the inaugural UIUC MSI Alliance Summer Explorations Program held at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champlain on July 22nd – July 23rd.  They participated in several activities and lightening talks in which they shared their academic background,  career objectives or research interests, and what they are most passionate about.  Dr. Amber Hodges served as the MSU faculty representative and Dr. Phyllis Keys, Interim Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs served as the MSU administrative representative.

Alumni Highlights

West Lafayette, IN (May 2022). Temitope Adeoye C/O 2015 received her PhD in Educational Psychology from Purdue University in May 2022.

East Lansing, MI (May 2022). Oluwafunmilayo Ayeni C/O 2017  received her PhD in Ecological/Community Psychology from Michigan State University in May 2022. Dr. Ayeni is the Director of Research & Evaluation at the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence