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Department of Psychology

Study Abroad

To provide students with opportunities to "lead the world," the psychology program offers study abroad opportunities to Guatemala, El Salvador, and Trinidad & Tobago. Students may earn course credit for their participation.

Study Abroad in Guatemala

student taking temperature of a childThis is a faculty led trip that provide students with an opportunity to learn about global health and the skills necessary to make a difference in other countries. While in Guatemala, students will:

  • provide free health screenings at a community health fair
  • volunteer in a health clinic
  • teach children in an elementary school about health-related issues such as hygiene (proper hand washing, etc.)
  • have one-on-one Spanish lessons each day and earn a certificate from a Spanish school
  • live with a host family, affiliated with the Spanish school
  • participate in cultural activities such as salsa dancing, tortilla-making, and weaving, organized by the Spanish school
  • go on cultural excursions including historical landmarks and coffee/chocolate farms, organized in conjunction with the Spanish school.

Contact Dr. Kimberly Warren ( for more information.

Study Abroad in El Salvador

This is a faculty led student exchange program in which Morgan students spend 10 days in El Salvador, and 10 El Salvadoran students spend 10 days in Baltimore as part of a Health Psychology course and cultural immersion experience. 

During the program students:

  • participate in a virtual global experience prior to travelling
  • provide free health screenings at community health clinics
  • engage in community work
  • participate in cultural immersion activities

Visit Steam Abroad's website for photos and more information.

Contact Dr. Kimberly Warren ( for more information. 

Study Abroad in Trinidad & Tobago

students dressed in carnival customesThis is a faculty-led trip in which students collaborate with government agencies and local communities to provide them with opportunities to support their educational and career goals. This opportunity is focused on how we grow and develop as individuals within the context of our families, communities, places of employment, and culture. This opportunity is especially geared toward students interested in psychology, social work, music, fine arts, family and consumer science, health education, sociology, economics, and history and geography.

Contact Ms. Natasha Otto ( for more information.