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Procurement & Property Control

Property Control


Morgan State University is an agency of the State of Maryland and is required by law to regulate and control all property, records and equipment in its possession. Morgan State University Property Control Department is to prescribe standards for controlling inventories of fixed assets (capital & sensitive equipment) and furniture to establish the means for the University’s Accountable and Property Officers to determine the total values of inventories. 

Property Control Inventory section:

  • Maintains accountability of University inventory furniture and equipment for the campus community. 
  • Maintains University inventory database (WASP) system through Hi-TECH business Systems Inc.  MSU asset tracking system bar-code inventory with RFID mobile tracking devices. 
  • Sensitive items (computers, laptops, electronics, etc.) that are purchased by credit cards and other means by departments should be reported to the Property Control Department so that such items are properly tagged and documented for property control and accounting purposes.
  • Maintains departments Property and Accountable Officers inventory records.  Property and Accountable Officers are to update Property Control as new inventory is acquired. Each University Department is vested with the responsibility for the control, care, maintenance and security of all property within its control, regardless of its value. Property and Accountable Officers must complete annual online inventory training

Property Control Receiving section:

  • Maintains control of incoming shipments, temporary warehousing of inventory awaiting disposition or surplus, and transferring obsolete equipment and furniture from the University inventory. 
  • Receiving staff will tag and update the new inventory with a new barcode and upload in WASP database and Banner. 
  • Receiving personnel shall verify and create a receiving report in Banner system for each shipment.  
  • Receiving Section is responsible for degaussing computers that are no longer usable, obsolete, and ready for disposal in accordance with National Institute of Standards and Technology requirements.

Property Control Record Retention section:

  • Maintains accountability of University records (documentary material) management. Under State Government Article 10-633, each unit of State Government must have a program for the continual, economical, and efficient management of the records of the unit. 
  • MSU records management is the practice of identifying, classifying, archiving, preserving and destroying department records according to retention schedule. MSU Department's records, retention and disposition schedule is an official document that determines the time frame for retaining records for the purpose of destroying and archiving.  

Property Control Inventory Request Form (Equipment & Furniture):  

Property Control Inventory Request (PCIR) form REPLACES Property Control Action Request (PCAR) formProperty Control Inventory Request (PCIR) form (thru DocuSign) is the required method of communicating and should only be used for transfer, disposal, surplus property (equipment & furniture), and reporting stolen or missing property. PCIR form is processed through Property Control, and forwarded to Physical Plant "MOVER" for scheduling. The MOVER" section is no longer under Property Control. All other  request for "moves" should be emailed to "Work Control" under Physical Plant. 

Property Control Inventory Request Form (Docusign)

Property Control Inventory Request Form (PDF)