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University Print Shop


The University Print Shop is located on the lower level of the Montebello Complex, C-Wing - Room C-04. This department endeavors to provide quality duplicating services at the most economical cost.

The University Print Shop offers the following services: Copying, Desktop Publishing, Offsetting, Collating, Stapling, Folding, Cutting, Hole Drilling, and Binding. Additionally, the Print Shop can provide carbonless forms, tickets (numbered), color ink and pads (minimum quantities required for these services) and color copying and proofing.The Print Shop also provides a "While U Wait" service (1-10 copies with no more than 4 originals) or Quick Copy Service (3-hour turn around for 1-500 copies of one original, or up to 20 copies of work containing no more than 20 originals).The services provided by the University Print Shop are for University business only. No personal work will be accepted. Print Shop charges will be assessed to the budgetary account of the department to which services are being rendered. A SRF 2 Form (Request for Encumbrance) must be processed through the University Comptroller's Office and approved before duplicating services can be provided. Thus, for efficient and convenient service, the department/division must encumber funds in the amount of their annual estimated expenditures from their departmental budget for duplicating services.

For more information, please call or stop by the Print Shop and pick up a pamphlet, which explains in more detail the Print Shop's service guidelines.