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University Print Shop

Printing at the MSU Print Shop in 4 Easy Steps

Step 1.

Complete a requisition in Banner for the MSU Print Shop using the following information.

*Vendor Id

banner screenshot

• Add Item & Accounting
Commodity Description, Unit of Measure and Quantity (see illustration below)
Unit Price – Place the estimated dollar amount you anticipate spending for the year.

banner screenshot

banner screenshot

Account Code- 08040- Print Reproduction

Step 2.

The requisitions is approved and processed into a purchase order. The purchase order number is needed for the Print Shop Order Forms.

Step 3.

Create an order by completing a Print Shop Form located at Under additional resources, there are two types of order forms:

Print Shop Request Form- complete this form for all printing services except for business cards.

Business Card Order Form – complete this form for business cards only

Step 4.

Print Shop process your request. The order(s) will be applied to the purchase order.