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Ming Liu

Ming Liu, Ph.D.

Oyster Genomics Researcher ,

Office: PEARL
Phone: 443-885-5922

Curriculum Vitae

  • B.S. Marine Fishery Science and Technology - Ocean University of China, 2005
  • Ph.D. Fishery Resource - Ocean University of China, 2010
  • Post-Doc: Haskin Shellfish Research Laboratory, Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, 2013-2017


Dr. Ming Liu's research mainly focuses on oysters' genomics and breeding: 1) identifying associations between oyster genomic characteristics and oyster traits beneficial to the growing aquaculture industry, and 2) developing genomic tools and approaches to improve the survival and growth of oysters. He is also interested in population genetics, phylogenetics, and evolution of marine fish and shellfishes.

Research Interests:

  • Oyster Genomics
  • Aquaculture
  • Population Genetics
  • Phylogenetics
  • Evolution of Marine Fish and Shellfishes

Research Experience:

2013 - 2017, Post-doc, Haskin Shellfish Research Laboratory, Rutgers University
2010 - 2013, Assistant Professor, Marine Biology Institute of Shandong Province, China
2007 - 2008, Visiting Scholar, Hokkaido University, Japan

Selected Publications:

  • Liu, M., & X. Guo. (2017) Identification of candidate disease-resistance genes in the eastern oyster utilizing genomic resources from the pacific oyster. National Shellfisheries Association 109th Annual Meeting, Knoxville, TN, abstract.
  • Guo, X., M. Liu, B. Xu, Y. Chen, Y. Dong, L. Lv, M. Whiteside, & G. DeBrosse. (2017) Improving triploid eastern oysters by selecting tetraploids. National Shellfisheries Association 109th Annual Meeting, Knoxville, TN, abstract.
  • Liu, M., C. Li, G. Wang, & X. Guo. (2016). Identification of disease-resistance markers by next-generation sequencing in the eastern oyster. World Aquaculture Society Meeting, Aquaculture 2016, Las Vegas, NV, abstract.
  • Liu, M., S. Ford, D. Bushek, & X. Guo. (2015). Genetic variation in eastern oyster's susceptibility to Perkinsus marinus. National Shellfisheries Association 107th Annual Meeting, Montery, CA, abstract.

All articles published by Dr. Liu can be found on his Google Scholar profile.