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Research & Innovation | January 02, 2023

Morgan State University Scientists Working To Revive Maryland’s Softshell Clam Industry

Over the past year, a group of scientists operating from Morgan State University (MSU) have been researching whether or not it is possible to bring back the Chesapeake Bay’s soft shell clam industry in the state of Maryland.

Research & Innovation | December 12, 2022

Breeding a Soft-Shell Clam Option for Maryland Aquaculture

Morgan State University scientists are more than a year into researching whether soft-shell clams could not only be harvested from Chesapeake Bay waters but also farmed in them. The state’s aquaculture industry has grown rapidly over the last decade, but it currently consists of a single species: the Eastern oyster.

| November 02, 2022

Microplastic research gears up at Morgan State University

Carol Adrianne Smith thinks jellyfish have a lot to teach us about microplastic pollution in the Chesapeake Bay. And, thanks in part to a $1 million grant from the National Science Foundation to her historically Black university, she’s asking questions and getting some answers

Research & Innovation | September 23, 2022

Morgan State Looks to Solve a Diversity ‘Pipeline Problem’ in Environmental Sciences

For years, the study of environmental sciences has taken place in an overwhelmingly white world. While African Americans make up about 13% of the U.S. population, they receive fewer than 3% of environmental science degrees annually, according to a 2020 Data USA study. Now, officials at Morgan State University, a historically Black institution, are trying to change that. The university was granted $1 million to study microplastics in Chesapeake Bay for the next three years which is an opportunity to train more Black environmental scientists.

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