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Office of Financial Aid

Financial Aid Timeline

October - Complete FAFSA application October 1st for the New Academic Year


  • Office of Financial Aid will notify student of all loans canceled if not accepted for Fall
  • Process FAFSA for new academic year
  • Award notifications are sent out 

December - All students should check for balances for Fall semester.

February - Office of Financial Aid begin receiving and reviewing FAFSA information for awarding and notifying students.

March 1st - Maryland State Scholarship deadline to submit FAFSA Morgan State University priority deadline to submit FAFSA.

April - Continue to award and notify all students via mail (award letters) for New Students and Email for continuing students. Allow 2-4 weeks for non selected and 4-6 weeks for selected. Summer Sessions Financial Aid Apps Available.

May - Continue reviewing student's aid for new academic year and making awards as FAFSA applications and verification documents are received.


  • Continue awarding process 
  • Encourage all new borrowers to complete entrance counseling (in-person session) and master promissory note at

July - Continue awarding process.

August - Post aid to student accounts on the first day of class

September/October - Refund list are verified for eligibility. Notify student of revision due to enrollment changes required adjustments or revisions.