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Mark Barnes, Ph.D. Faculty & Staff

American Rivers Names Morgan’s Dr. Mark Barnes to Board of Directors

by Morgan State U
July 28, 2023

American Rivers, one of the premier national organizations focused on clean water and river health, has named Morgan State University’s Mark Barnes, Ph.D., associate professor of History and Geography in the College of Liberal Arts, as one of three new members to its board of directors. Barnes was tapped for his strong leadership and expertise, which American Rivers will seek to leverage in its nationwide effort to protect and restore all rivers, from remote mountain streams to urban waterways. 

Dr. Barnes, a human geographer, brings to this new role a wealth of experience informed by global environmental change, economic, urban, and transport geography subfields. Equity, mobility, sustainability, and environmental justice interventions relating to the causes and consequences of weather and climate extremes form the basis of his research. In addition to co-chairing the Geospatial Collaborative, he directs its Environmental Studies Program whose purpose is to bring social and physical science disciplines together to help drive and support efforts towards equitable climate adaptation. He was also recently elected to the American Association of Geographers Board as National Councilor.

According to American Rivers, the country’s rivers are threatened by climate change, unnecessary dams, pollution, floods, and outdated policies. The organization seeks to address these challenges head on by helping partners protect vital habitat, working with communities to reduce river pollution, securing policies to ensure we all have clean, abundant water, driving solutions that reduce the risk of floods, working to remove unnecessary dams, and strengthening a river movement that bolster power.

Congrats to Dr. Barnes as he continues to represent the University and the College of Liberal Arts on world stage!