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In a celebration of international collaboration and the rich history of home economics, Morgan State University’s Department of Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) Family & Consumer Sciences

A Flavorful Fusion: Morgan Hosts IFHEUS Cultural Dinner Celebrating Home Economics and International Connections

by Morgan State U
September 11, 2023

In a celebration of international collaboration and the rich history of home economics, Morgan State University’s Department of Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) hosted the International Federation for Home Economics, United States (IFHEUS) Cultural Dinner on the campus of the National Treasure on June 21, 2023. This significant event, part of the annual American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (AAFCS) Conference, showcased FACS’ remarkable contributions to society while fostering global connections.

“We are honored to have hosted the IFHEUS here at Morgan, a university with a rich history in Family and Consumer Sciences. Our accredited FACS program continues to make strides in advancing knowledge and promoting responsible resource management within homes, both locally and globally,” said, Jacqueline M. Holland, Ed.D., associate professor and chair of FACS. It was a real pleasure for us to open our home and showcase our National Treasure campus to the many IFHE members who traveled from great distances abroad.”

The University’s Behavioral Social Science Center (BSSC) served as the site for the festivities and featured traditional Maryland fare. Among the most memorable highlights from the affair included Prof. Dale Green from the School of Architecture and Planning, who took the stage and offered an engaging presentation on the history of Morgan State University spotlighting its enduring commitment to education and community development. In addition, graduate students, Patricia Ateboh-Briggs and Binod Bhattarai, both from the School of Education and Urban Studies, shared their personal journeys and highlighted the positive impact Morgan has had on their academic pursuits.

The event resonated with the international guests, who expressed their deep appreciation for the program and their visit to Morgan.

IFHEUS – Bridging Global Boundaries in Home Economics

IFHEUS, a subgroup of The American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (AAFCS), stands as the global voice for home economics and consumer science. Representing research and education from nearly 70 countries, IFHEUS fosters interdisciplinary exchanges and advocates for the field's expertise on the international stage, including at the United Nations.

IFHEUS is dedicated to advancing knowledge on responsible household resource management, recognizing that choices made at home profoundly affect the quality of life for all. Their mission extends to promoting household and consumer knowledge as a means to strengthen homes and foster shared responsibility for sustainability.

The organization's membership includes academia, community services and education, agricultural extension, businesses, government, and health services, among others. Home economics, the field's academic roots, encompasses economic, social, and ecological aspects of everyday living.

Today, under various names, the field encompasses multiple academic disciplines focused on life skills and responsible resource management within the home. IFHEUS also plays a crucial role in advancing women in various disciplines, promoting academic education, career advancement, and advocating for important policy changes in areas such as food, sanitary, and consumer protections.

The IFHEUS Cultural Dinner at Morgan served as a powerful reminder of the enduring relevance and importance of Family and Consumer Sciences, not only within the university’s walls but also in shaping a sustainable, equitable, and responsible future for households around the world.

Housed within the School of Education and Urban Studies ( SEUS ), the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences prepares students with competencies and skills required for public service to address ongoing changes and new developments in goods and services. The department conducts research to implement progress that will improve family life in urban populations. Family and Consumer Sciences, formerly Home Economics, was established at Morgan State College in 1939 and was accredited by the AAFCS in 2020.  FACs offers concentrations in Fashion Merchandising, FACS Education, and General FACS Studies.